I have no idea how or why, but I was featured on TheChive yesterday amongst their Daily Afternoon Randomness (Check out number 26 to see ME! And ignore all the semi-nude pics surrounding it. Unless you’re into that sort of thing… I ain’t judgin’!). Not sure who put me on that, but THANK YOU! I’m enjoying all the lovely comments and views from fellow beer lovers! NOW onto today’s post!

I was out of town for Fathers’ Day this year. It’s completely impossible to make it live up to last year’s anyway, but I did my best!
We began last night at Lazy Dog Cafe. Yes, it is a chain, but they serve Firestone beer, so I’m willing to let the whole “chain” thing slide on this one.
We also had to take our own Lazy Dog with us. She enjoyed her complimentary water and $3.95 (!!!!) hamburger patty.
I started with the sampler. They had a blonde, American hef (which they served with a lemon slice – destroyed any semblence of head and overpowered the true flavor of the beer) , Bavarian hef, pale ale, red ale, and the seasonal – Somersault from New Belgium. My personal fave was the Bavarian Hefeweizen – a slightly smoky aroma with sweet aftertastes of banana and vanilla. I liked it so much, I ordered a FULL glass!
Yeah, you could definitely say I liked it…
We split the Mediterranean Pizzetti, which is something I get every single time I’m at Lazy Dog. Make me ANY dish with goat cheese and balsamic syrup and I will fall in love with you… It’s just a fact.
The celebration carried through into today. Originally, we were going to gorge on Indian food in Ventura and hit up the local Irish pub, but plans fell to the wayside and we decided to stick with some local eats. FirstΒ  up: Karma Indian (owned by The Taj Cafe in Ventura) and then…


If you didn’t guess that right off the bat, then you just don’t know me…
I tried the firkin of the week: Vitamin C. This is the Chesebro IPA infused with orange peel. Now, I LOVE IPAs, but I think the orange peel took this a little TOO much into the bitter side for me. Ugh, never thought I’d say that.
I told you guys earlier this week that I’d like nothing more than to enjoy a chilly glass of Derailleur on the patio while reading a good book. Which I kind of did… To be fair, we STARTED on the patio, but since I was the generous one who offered to sit in the only sunny spot, we soon moved inside. I’m a big whiner when it comes to skin cancer. My Derailleur was enjoyed in the air conditioning instead.
It’s in print, therefore it’s official: Next month at Ladies at Ladyface: Janelle and my suggestion! Bottle sharing and glassware! Every lady will bring in her favorite bottle of beer, or personal homebrew, along with the glass it’s meant to be served in and we’ll be learning the purpose of specific glass shapes.

Oh yes, and there will be FOOD.
For now, I have some Twisted Sisters Zinfandel that needs to be enjoyed in this beautiful 75 degree weather.
Happy Makeup Fathers’ Day to my wonderful, youthful and handsome pops!!!


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  1. sarah

    Love the site. found you from the famous Daily Afternoon Randomness. keep up the amazing work!
    – sarah

  2. Justin

    For Father’s Day we took my Dad hiking at Ricketts Glen state park. It has 26 waterfalls and many hiking trails. The tallest waterfall in Ricketts Glen is 94 feet! We had an amazing time and the weather was perfect.

    Here are some of the pictures we took:


  3. Ben

    You quite possible have the most awesome job in the world. Thanks to the chive for putting me onto your awesomeness, will keep track of your blog.

  4. Congrats on the mention in TheChive. Looks like you’re getting some great blog traffic from it.

  5. Lindy

    love the macro images you take, Becki… and the passion you have for beer of course! I’m not surprised John over at the chive found you , I hope they feature you again because you have a real talent for this.

  6. Matt

    Good stuff! Found you via thechive, loving your work.
    Big love from the UK!

  7. Johnny Two Toes

    I love how you don’t like fruit in your beer, at least that’s what I got from your post.

    • The snobby purist in me thinks the only time fruit should be put in beer is during the brewing/fermenting process. HOWEVER, I’m also okay with wild blueberries in the bottom of a glass of blueberry IPA as an accent (as one example)…

      • Colorado Beer Lover

        Blueberry IPA??? Where, and by whom? My wife is a total Hophead, but enjoys a good blueberry beer. This sounds like a combo she would love!

        • Bah, apparently I was mistaken. It wasn’t an IPA but rather a Tripel – still delicious though! I had it at Ladyface in Agoura Hills. You can see the pics of it here

      • I have never tried that. I generally stay clear of any fruit (or flair) in my beverages, but the blueberries in the blueberry IPA does sound tempting.

        Appreciate the heads up.

  8. Finn

    Yup, found you ’cause the chive and now have you added to my google reader. Drink on, eat on, rock on.

  9. Jake

    welcome back to the chive! so great they are featuring you again. I really hope they do a whole feature on your blog. I think it has a chance to take off and the chive would be just to platform to launch it to the moon!
    – a new fan

  10. Joshua

    Way to go on The Chive cameo; I have a serious beer question for a beer purist to settle a brew dispute. A good friend of mine in Ithaca, quite a beer snob (I say that with gentle disdain), explained to me while I visited recently that the arc of a beer purist’s taste goes from IPA’s and ranges then to saisons (like fantome and such, slightly sour) and then overpoweringly sour beers and then cycles back. I accused him of using a sample size of one–namely himself. What’s your opinion?

    • Not quite sure what you mean by this… He’s saying that beer purists only enjoy those three styles?

      • Joshua

        No, but we all agreed that a hoppy IPA is the polar opposite of a sour beer; so its a trajectory or a spectrum.

        • It’s a good base definitely, but when it comes down to it, it’s up to the drinker. There’s not a defined “purist tasting” tract that anyone follows. Basically… I agree with you!

  11. Chive on Becki! Love the blog and like many others found you via TheChive!

    Keep up the great work!

  12. Matt

    Chive on! That blueberry ipa you described sounds delicious! I must have one! You are going into my rss reader for sure.

    Also, TheChive has a thing called Chivette Of The Week, and thousands of people would agree with me when I say you fit the bill of what every guy dreams of….gorgeous, beer loving, funny, and very intelligent.

    Please at least consider contacting them at TheChive and becoming a Chivette.

    And if any chivers out there are reading this, show some support!

  13. I saw you on the Chive as well, and then saw your blog. So Awesome. Your adventures with beer and food kick ass. You know how to enjoy life, and for that amongst other things, you’re awesome. I will continue to scope the blog, great work!

  14. Kimon

    Chive on Becki πŸ™‚

  15. Brandon

    Another Chiver here that found you by way of the DAR; nice to see there are cute women that love to try beer!

    Hopefully, you frequent the Chive now. We’re not a huge group, but we will definitely get your blog some new and regular visitors. Myself included.

  16. cleanmypantry

    agree, I’ll be back for sure. and we are a huge group if you consider the chive is bigger than college humor and funnyordie… so more than a few regulars πŸ™‚ awesome site!!!

  17. edward

    Have you tried the beer here in the Philippines? if not, it’s time for you try it, I’m sure you will like it.

  18. liberty bishop

    the chivers will keep hassling you until you agree to become a chivette- just do it already! we love you and we love that you love beer.
    chive on, liberty

  19. Clint

    You have been added to my Google Reader as well. As a fellow fine bier enthusiast, I really enjoy your blog and have already learned some things.
    Chive on and Cheers from Pittsburgh!

  20. jerry oliveira

    Love your blog and take on beer…You are, would be an awesome chivette…Found you because of The Chive….Much love, Chive On!

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