Quick and Painless!

     I love Green Monsters. I really, really love them. It’s ridiculous how much I crave them every day. I’ve officially crossed the line into crazy in love.

That is me in the morning (sans makeup -aaaaah!), drinking my Monsta straight from the blender. I may have officially lost my mind!
     Since I started off the day with an insane amount of green, I figured, why not go way overboard and have some for lunch as well?
This KSS had an entire bag of chopped baby greens, 1 sauteed zucchini, 3/4 of a cup of warmed lentils, and an entire package of egg white salad. It took me an hour to finish this! LOVE!
     By then, there was just TOO much health and goodness in my system. I figured I should balance it out with something carb-y, greasy and cheesy.
It was so worth it! My pretzel craving is officially quashed. After the past few days of crazy eating, I feel like I’m ready to get back on track… Starting tomorrey of course 🙂
     I didn’t go see Charlie St. Cloud. I decided I wanted to save it for one of my days off when I could fully enjoy it and not be worrying and checking my watch to calculate the time it would take to get from the theatre to work. I’ll be seeing it either Tuesday or Wednesday, and you’ll get a recap then :).
     I’m off to enjoy the beautiful weather we’re having, and to sip my Franziskaner while overlooking the amazing view of the city with my BFF :). Homebody alert!
Do you like to go out and party on the weekends or keep it laid back with a few friends?


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6 Responses to Quick and Painless!

  1. the actor's diet

    i walked by a wetzel's today – it smelled INSANELY good in the most artificially wonderful way!!!

  2. Heather

    When I get rich, you're gonna be my personal chef.

  3. Justin

    I keep it laid back with a few friends. That way I can sit back and enjoy my beer while having interesting conversation with my friends.

  4. Bexter

    @the actor's diet
    It was definitely good to get it out of my system. Soooo greasy!

  5. Bexter

    Haha, nothing was cooked except the pretzel, and that wasn't by me!

  6. Bexter

    The best way to be, in my opinion :).