How to Piss Me Off

     I had a good day today, so I decided to make some lists of things that irritate me – this makes sense, no?

Really irritating – People who stand still on the escalator going down. (Seriously? SERIOUSLY?)
Somewhat irritating – People who stand still on the escalator as it escalates. (Sometimes excusable…)
Okay by me – People who skip up or down the escalator. Bonus points for flapping their hands and singing, “tra-la-la-la-la”. (I may have done this today…)

Really irritating – Guys who call me, “little girl”. (I will flip out and bitch you out. Just to warn you.)
Somewhat irritating – Guys who call me, “sweetie”, “pumpkin”, “cupcake” (or any baked good for that matter).
Okay by me – Guys who feel no need to give me a nickname and act like a normal, cool dude.

Biscuit – another baked good. I call my dog, “Biscuit.” Therefore, you may not call me “Biscuit.”

Really irritating – Couples who call each other “baby.”
Somewhat irritating – Couples who call each other “honey.”
Okay by me – Couples who call each other by their actual names.

Really irritating – Books whose characters know everything instantly just to make the storyline progress more quickly.
Somewhat irritating – Books whose characters learn things as the storyline progresses too quickly.
Okay by me – Good books with good characters and normally-paced storylines. Need I say more?

Really irritating – Crying babies or whiny toddlers.
Somewhat irritating – Children in general.
Okay by me – The twins who play Hope on the FOX show, “Raising Hope.”

Really irritating – All reality television shows.
Somewhat irritating – Shows that are intense and fun to watch (The Event), but have HORRIBLE actors that have nothing redeeming about them except for their looks (*cough* Sarah Roemer *cough*).
Okay by me – Amazing shows like Raising Hope, and Outsourced! ADD THOSE TO YOUR DVR NOW!!!

Really irritating – The fact that Blogger won’t let me copy and paste links.
Somewhat irritating – The fact that Blogger won’t let me embed videos onto my blog so you can enjoy them. (This also goes up with really irritating, but some balance was needed…)
Okay by me – Anyone who can tell me how to fix this!
I’m irritated. Wine might help…

Really irritating – Guys or girls who wear too much cologne/perfume. What are you trying to cover up??
Somewhat irritating – Guys or girls who don’t wear enough cologne/perfume. Why won’t you cover up??
Okay by me – Guys or girls who have good hygiene and good noses to know when they need a little something-something. 

Really irritating – Busy, bustling cities.
Somewhat irritating – Houses with acreage.
Okay by me – Abandoned houses, ghost towns, and creepy buildings. Life After People is my guilty pleasure!

Really irritating – Chicks/dudes who spend all of their blogspace whining about things they find irritating.
Somewhat irritating – Chicks/dudes who spend all of their blogspace talking about pointless things.
Okay by me – Chicks/dudes who spend all of the blogspace whining about pointless, irritating things whilst including pictures.
Sweet potato pancakes topped with cranberry-apple butter in front of a Christmas tree that has been put up ridiculously early.
My picture quota is now fulfilled.
This post took me three hours to write/find pictures/edit. 
I’m going to bed now.


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6 Responses to How to Piss Me Off

  1. Allie Lauver

    love the "titanic" mock picture! haha!

  2. Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat)

    ugh creepers used to call me little girl. Not a fan. No way.

    LOL at the Titanic-like pic.

  3. Justin

    Really irritating: Parents who don't control / care about their kids.

    Somewhat irritating: Children in general. (Agreed!)

    Okay by me: Parents who try to control their kids. Parents who do the right thing like holding their hand while crossing the street.

    Really irritating: One long picture-less/media-less blog post.

    Somewhat irritating: Bloggers who don't reply to comments in their blog.

    Okay by me: Adding videos into their blogs. How to embed a video: "To embed a video from YouTube, just copy the code from the "Embed" box on the video's YouTube page. You can find the "Embed" box in the "About This Video" box when you're watching the video. You can also get the code from the "Embed HTML" box on the "Edit Video" page if the video belongs to your YouTube account.

    To embed a YouTube video within a blog post, first click "Edit HTML" from within the post editor. Next, paste the video's code into the body of your post. That's it!" If you still can't get it, please feel free to contact me.

    I agree on your cologne/perfume points. Good hygiene is a must! I mean who doesn't like a nice hot shower?!

    Somewhat Irritating: Girls who wear too much makeup.

    Okay by me: A bit of makeup

    Really Irritating: Big busy cities

    Somewhat Irritating: Places with no parking and traffic

    Okay be me: The suburbs!

    I also love pictures of abandoned buildings. It kind of gives you an inside look of the past. Plus it's amazing to see how things decay.

    Fun fact: Outsourced was originally a movie and now they turned it into a show.

  4. Justin

    Another thing that really irritates me. People on their cell phones in a nice restaurant!!!

  5. Bexter

    @Justin The problem is that Blogger won't let me paste anything into the Edit HTML section. It won't let me paste links either. Trust me, I've tried pretty much everything!

  6. Justin

    hmm odd. I just created a random blog post in Blogger and it worked for me…

    Maybe it didn't copy the html code into your clipboard? Try pasting the code into a word doc to see if it's in your clipboard.