Introducing… Dos Beckis!!!!

     I MADE BEER! 
GOOD beer! DRINKABLE beer! TASTY beer! 
The name: DOS BECKIS
Roll your eyes, I don’t care. This was based off an amazing suggestion by an old friend/Lonelygirl15 fan, modelmotion.
MM – I owe you! Genius idea 🙂
First pour!
Pops and me sharing the first sip!
Thinking… thinking…
My beer with the recipe I used.
Some changes I made: Hallertau instead of Spaltz hops and 1007 German Ale Wyeast instead of Safale 56.
Translation: It’s GOOD!
I carbonated my beer in 9 growlers instead of bottles. I was a bit worried about having bombs or not getting carbonation, but all that worry flew out the window as soon as I heard that lovely “phssssst” as I twisted off the cap.
Pretty color! A little bit of a chill haze, but I don’t care!
I asked my dad for a description of this beer. His answer: “Delicious. Alcoholic. Makes me burp.”
And that, my friends, is the official vignette of Dos Beckis.


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10 Responses to Introducing… Dos Beckis!!!!

  1. Amanda

    YAY! So proud of you!

  2. Bexter

    @Amanda …and you and Andy want to try it when? 😀 I only have 8 growlers left to share!

  3. Justin

    Awesome! I raise my glass to you!

  4. Heather

    Dos Beckis. Cute. If I liked beer, I'd want to try it. hehe

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  9. drew

    i like Amber Meets Becky or reverse that… Becky Meets Amber.

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