A Day in the Life of Becki

I’ve had some questions regarding what I actually do for my job. I decided to show you some of what’s involved in a day in the life of Becki (that’s me!). Answers may be even more vague than any prior info. I give you: today.
Cake for breakfast. This was a gluten-free chocolate cake layered with orange crème brûlée (delicious déjà vu!), raspberry jam and chocolate mousse.
Second cake for breakfast: Gluten-free chocolate layer cake. Soft, pillowy layers of almond-flour cake sandwiched between rich, luxurious chocolate mousse, topped with an edible gold leaf.
Portable amusement park rides.
After seeing a ten year-old throw up on this, I decided not to ride it. I love roller coasters. I do not love roller coasters coated in vomit.
Heavy lifting. My favorite part of the job.
Using power tools. That’s a tie with heavy lifting.
Gigantic Lagunitas IPA. Okey, I take back the heavy lifting/power tools. THIS trumps all. Delicious malt, blunt floral hop aroma followed by the whispering kiss of bittering hops on the end. Happy sigh.
Ridiculous amounts of delicious food. Tonight was a gigantic roll of sushi to accompany the above beer.

I’m sure this cleared NOTHING up for you about the aspects of my job, but it’s all true. And I love it.


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8 Responses to A Day in the Life of Becki

  1. Dan

    So you work at a theme park? If so, that’s pretty cool.

  2. It looks like you work at either an art gallery or a restaurant. I can’t imagine what you’d be doing working at a restaurant! 😛

    Also, I use those Firm Grip gloves at work, and they are the best gloves I’ve ever owned. Plus, they’re bloody cheap!

  3. dave from downunder

    you are a Carny worker!!! it all makes sense now…..
    Your travel across the states= highly mobile.
    Ability to utilise power tools= highly favoured by Carny’s.
    glove wearer= Carny grips, enough said.
    Beer drinking prowess= obvious carny trait.
    Cake = a dietary food highly prized at breakfast time by Carny’s.