Breckenridge Foods!

Breckenridge foods that are worth mentioning! (Besides the obvious and amazing grilled veggie sandwich I had yesterday at Breckenridge Brewery)
Dragon Roll at Mountain Flying Fish! Adorable!
And filling! I tried my hardest, but I couldn’t finish it. Stupid petite stomach of mine – I can only eat a small amount at a time, but I’m hungry every half hour. I need to keep a portable fridge on me at all times, filled with fried delicacies and chocolate. And bacon, that would be good too…
No other food was worthy of notice until we went back to Breckenridge Brewery tonight! Sweet Grilled Corn Bruschetta. If you don’t like regular bruschetta (I’m not a big fan myself), then drive all the way to Breckenridge to try this! Seriously, it’s that good. Charred corn with silky avocado and cilantro atop warm ciabatta that’s been smothered in a spicy mayo. Corn is a vegetable, so this appetizer is healthy.
It just wouldn’t be complete without a 471 Double Hopped IPA. Holy mothers, I LOVE this IPA! Extremely aromatic, great head retention and just the right amount of bitters to make your tongue tingle. They serve this in a 12oz glass, seeing that it’s 9.2% ABV. Le sigh de happiness.
Oooooh, yeah! I’m thinking of getting this permanently tattooed on my wrist or the back of my neck. Any thoughts?
I fully believe that when you appreciate a brewery, you should buy a shirt. After you’ve purchased said shirt, you should most definitely go down to the hotel bar, grab a 90 Shilling from Odell Brewing and practice some billiards. If a guy does happen to challenge you whilst you are wearing said shirt and drinking that 90 Shilling, practicing billiards, you should most definitely whoop his ass.

Three times in a row.

Then let him win so he doesn’t feel completely emasculated.

You should most definitely do that.


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14 Responses to Breckenridge Foods!

  1. Hey there! Love your blog so far. I share your passion for food and all things beer. Looking forward to reading more. Hope you have a great 4th!

  2. Jiggs

    Found you on the Chive! Happy 4th from a fellow brewer!

  3. Dave Downunder

    Hello Again Bekstar
    re Tatt
    Wrist or ankle is good, just no tramp stamp on the neck or lower back please!!

  4. Greg

    I’m not a big fan of tatoos but other than that I think you’re writing and food & beer prowess are awesome.

  5. Was turned onto the blog via chiving at work. Love the freshness in your literary prowess and the awesome photos! All in all, this blog is an awesome addition to my reader. Keep it up. Feeling hoppy needs to go somewhere on your feet? Or somewhere involved with the locomotion of actual hopping . . . Just a thought.

    thanks again and cheers,

  6. Jake

    Breckenridge! Yes!!! Try the “Lucky U” IPA. It’s excellent!

    • Tried it. LOVED it. NEED IT NOW!

      • Jake

        That’s what I’m talkin bout! I recently moved from Alaska to Texas and the beer here is…less than adequate. I have found bottled Breckenridge here, which has helped. Drinking the “Vanilla Porter” right now…and it is awesome!

  7. maker's mark

    went to the Breckenridge Brewery on your suggestion. Mind. Blown.

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