Catching Up

My life has been consumed by writing papers for class and working at the brewery. I’m okay with the latter, not so much with the former when they take away from my blogging time… Yesterday I wrote an entire paper while at the brewery. It made it a lot more bearable, being able to distract myself by helping mash in and working the tap room. My paper might suck, but at least it’s done!
Plus, now I have these awesome bruises from mashing in! Apparently I incorrectly rest my forearm on the edge of the mash tun while stirring. This is the second time that I’ve ended up bruised and battered from mashing in. I plan on resting my forearm on the edge of the mash tun from now on so I can whine about it and annoy the brewers at Enegren. I’m sure they’ll appreciate that.
The rest of this blog will be random pictures that I’ve taken over the past week and been far too busy to post.
Sparks flying at Enegren Brewing Company.
The lovely Ms. Sofia Pernas, rocking a “Lara Croft” French braid, a la me. I’m a French braiding rock star.
A beautiful sunrise to transition to the next, terrifying picture.
Black and white jumping spider of death and terror with millions of minions of spider-zombies.
A close up of the black and white jumping spider of death with millions of minions of spider-zombies and his evil eyes and pincers.
A delicious mise en place of my Autumn Pumpkin Ale Chili in preparation for something super sneaky.
Super sneaky sneak preview.
Post super sneaky stuff adult beverage. Bison Brewing Gingerbread Ale. They tweeted about this going out two weeks ago and I’ve been seeking it ever since. It took oh, so very long to find it. In my world, two weeks is an eternity.
Me enjoying said adult beverage. This porter has a nice aroma of ginger on the nose and a spicy, beautifully carbonated sip that explodes across the tongue with sweet ginger and a whisper of nutmeg. HIGH drinkability factor. Be warned, it goes down easier than you’d expect. On a completely unrelated note, I’m extremely chillaxed and happy and full of ginger as we speak.

Unfortunately, that is all. I have some awesome stuff coming up this week that I’ll be sure to photograph!


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9 Responses to Catching Up

  1. Your arm looks painful! I hope it’s feeling better soon.

    Beautiful photos! Even the spiders…which terrify me too!

  2. Eeeeekkkkk, that spider pic gave me the shivers.

  3. dave from downunder

    Zombie Spiders…they are taking over the world!!

    sensational post as always, keep up the good work 🙂

  4. Ryan

    How was the gingerbread? Was it overpowering? I’m not usually a fan of really sweet beers…

  5. Becki, Thanks for seeking out my organic gingerbread ale…..glad you liked it. Will you be at FoodBuzz event in SF in a couple weeks?

    • I won’t make it up – working that weekend, of course. I want to visit your brewery soon though! I’m thinking a weekend road trip soon…

  6. Becki,
    Another thing–BE CAREFUL–please. The “sparks fly” pic of you using a grinder has at least five safety problems. I don’t want you to cut off your little fingers because you wouldn’t be able to type your blog as quickly. Aside from the safety issues that you are holding the grinder with only one hand, wearing flip flops, no gloves (are you wearing safety glasses??) the MOST CRITICAL item is that your left hand is holding the C-channel such a way that your left fingers are in the direct line of the grinder wheel should it catch and “walk off” the C-channel, slicing through those tender fingers. The C-channel should be in a vise or clamped onto a piece of plywood to hold it in place (which would keep your fingers safe and allow you to hold the grinder with two hands). Worse case, I would use my steel toe work boot to step on the C-channel at a safe angle as I used two hands on the grinder to remove those rough edges from cutting.