BIG Changes!!!

HECTICITY – noun: an accumulation of hectic situations. That has been my life lately. I told you guys that crazy things were happening and now I can officially let you know what those crazy things are.

I interviewed at Wolf Creek a few weeks ago. I interviewed at Stone Brewing last week.

Today, I accepted a job offer to be assistant brewer at Wolf Creek Restaurant and Brewering Company in Valencia!
Wolf Creek will be moving from a 10 bbl system up to 30 bbl, and I’ll be joining them in upping current production as well as moving to the new brewery! On top of that comes everything to do with “playing brewery” – cleaning, mashing, transferring, cell counts, pilot brews, more cleaning, tasting, cleaning, cleaning… Ecstatic doesn’t even begin to explain how happy I am right now. I start on Wednesday with my first brew early in the morning! Since it’s my first day, I’ll attempt to take pictures and document, but I make no promises.

This calls for celebration – the best way I know how.
Beer. Duh.

I’ll be recapping the rest of my San Diego trip tomorrey. For now, time to crack open something fancy!

Don’t forget to enter the growler giveaway! It ends Wednesday and there are still 5 (possibly only4)  growlers left to be spoken for!


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25 Responses to BIG Changes!!!

  1. Scott T

    Hey congrats Becki, Thats great news mate

  2. Jiggs

    Congrats! That is great to hear!

  3. OpPepTucks

    This is great news, but more importantly, do you have to wear an outfit like this one?

  4. dave from downunder

    congratulations on the success and new role
    up and at em!

  5. Justin

    Congratz Becki!!! That is so awesome! When are you moving into your new place?

  6. Congratulations! How exciting! 🙂

  7. Congratulations! Valencia is beautiful and it sounds like a great opportunity! So happy for you.

  8. That is so awesome! I’ll have to buy something from Wolf Creek to support you. I’m a little glad you didn’t get the job at Stone. I’d have been a little (but only a little) upset, since I’ve applied there about five times with no response. Anyway, that’s awesome. If I’m ever in Valencia, I’ll have stop in and ask for something Becki made.

  9. Congrats! I had a phone interview with Stone in Jan… but never heard back. While Stone would probably be a lot of fun, I think Wolf Creek would be a better gig. A lot more intimate and hands on… Good luck with the new job!

  10. Congrats Becki, that’s super exciting!!!

  11. Great news. Congratulations. As some friends would say, living the dream.

  12. Drew

    Congrats! What an exciting move!

  13. Mario

    Congrats, Becki! That’s some really good news!

    I hope this new job won’t affect your beer-rating objectivity 😉

  14. Thin Man

    Grain shoveling for money! Congrats and tell us what you learn!

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  16. Awesome! Congratulations on the job – should be a great learning experience!

  17. Ryan

    Wow! That’s great. Congrats, Becki. Crackin’ some Stone tonight for you (Sorry, it’s all I’ve got in the fridge).

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