Desert Center School

Stephen “Desert Steve” Ragsdale founded the town of Desert Center in 1921 after having beenĀ  Out in the middle of nowhere, this town was a watering hole for those traveling between Phoenix and California, giving the weary travelers some much-needed respite and shade. In the 1940s when Ragsdale’s children needed schooling, he built up Desert Center School which fell into complete disrepair after it shut down in 1983. Today, the few children who remain are bused 120 miles round trip to the closest school in Blythe, California.
AM Desert Center School. AM1 Nothing more thrilling than trespassing in a state where a high percentage of landowners are armed with shotguns. AM2 The auditorium. AM3 A view of the stage. AM4 AM5 The remains of one of the two pianos that used to stand tall – due to the elements or vandals, who knows. AM6 Formerly known as piano keys. AM7 AM8 The day the music died. AM9 AM10 The remains of ceiling paint, thoroughly consumed by mold. AM11 Walls melting in the desert heat. am12 You can hear the rats scurrying through the air ducts, even from across the parking lot. am13 Random awesome farming equipment rusted into the ground outside. am14 am15 A man, a toothpick and his tractor. am16 am17 Hauntingly, beautifully forgotten.

Coming up soon – the abandoned homes of Desert Center.


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  3. Andrew Caruso

    I was wondering if you knew who owned the property? And if there was a way for me to get into contact with the owner.

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