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Tempe Festival of the Arts

     I got to spend yet another weekend wandering the warm streets of Arizona, perusing the amazing artwork of over five hundred artists, feasting at some incredible local restaurants and being serenaded by street musicians. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!

     On Thursday night, the city wasn’t able to close the streets until 9:30pm, so we started setup around 10pm. I lifted boxes full of canvases, erected (if you laughed at that word then you’re as immature as I am) the tent, hung gigantic original oil paintings and used power tools to my heart’s content (nothing sexier than a chick holding a power drill, right? Just humor me). We finished around 2am, sped back to the hotel and collapsed into a coma-like sleep until 8am the next morning.
It was quiet on Friday, so I was able to spend most of the day exploring the booths of the other artists.
There were plenty to see!
This festival had more jewelry and trinkets than the previous ones, probably because the holidays and gift-giving times are coming up.
There were also plenty of fried festival foods to consume.
I didn’t partake in any of these foods.
And by “didn’t partake”, I mean I definitely feasted upon the Island Noodles. They were kind enough to give me a half portion since I can’t physically fit an entire serving into myself. This container was packed with asparagus, broccoli, chunks of sweet potatoes and red cabbage. 
I fell in love. I’m pretty easy to please.
I’m also easily amused.
In case you can’t read that, the sign says:
 (Happy Healthy High Horny Herbs)
I told you I’m easily amused.
I also found some parts of the town that hadn’t been remodeled. I’m sure you’re sick of hearing me saying how much I adore abandoned buildings and ghost towns. Too bad. I LOVE ABANDONED BUILDINGS!!!
These beautiful condos have a sad history. The man who funded them, Scott Coles, apparently saw no other way out when the economy crashed and committed suicide. These buildings and construction on them have been abandoned since his death in 2008.
Since we’re on a sad note, I’d like to note how many street kids were walking around Tempe. Every single one I met was extremely upbeat, and more than willing to serenade me with a song accompanied with a ukelele. I just can’t imagine not having the support I have from my amazing parents and their acceptance and understanding of my dreams. I love and appreciate you so much, mom and dad!!!
When the booth got busy, I ran across the street to Crave and got hummus topped with shawarma chicken and fried pita to snack on.
When the booth was empty, I got up and went to some of the artists to purchase some artsy home decor.
I am completely obsessed with these light switch covers, made by Campbell Auer.
It’s possible that I’ve bought enough to cover almost all of the light switches at my house. Almost…
On a side note, I want to see this film. Any film that receives that many “FUNNY” reviews definitely needs to be seen.
That’s a short summary of my weekend in Tempe, AZ! I still have a dinner party to sum up, but this blog is long enough, so I won’t force you to put up with another barrage of pictures until tomorrey!

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