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My Day with Bobby Flay!

     I’m a poet. As I was typing out my title, I realized what genius I have stored up in my brain, just waiting to come out in rhyme. Thyme. Lime. Dime.

You’re welcome.

     Yesterday involved a trip to Costco to stock up on the necessities of life: ludicrous amounts of toilet paper, 6-packs of bell peppers, and mass quantities of bananas for the morning Montsas. Yeah, bulk shopping! While we were pushing the gigantic cart down the aisles, we passed this sign:

We raced down the aisles, ramming into at least four other carts and rolling over a few ankles and feet, and found this:
Well, hello there!
Bobby was signing copies of his new book, Bobby Flay’s Throwdown. As much as I love Bobby Flay, I don’t love him enough to wait in a four-hour line. Lucky for me, I’m a blogger and always have my camera handy!
(Interesting fact: a family friend, Jenn Karlman, was on Bobby’s season premiere of “Grill It! with Bobby Flay”, and has an amazing cooking website with recipes she creates in her own savvy brain. Go check it out!)
Side note: I have now typed out the word “Bobby” too much and it looks funny…
     More good news???
Corduroys are back in style, and cheap when you buy them in bulk!
Sarcasm or sincerity? You be the judge!
Who’s your favorite FoodNetwork personality? I’m a sucker for Giada DeLaurentiis and the latest “The Next Food Network Star” winner, Aarti Sequeria.


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