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Carbohydrate Heaven!

     The artist and I were invited to yet another client-turned-friend’s home for dinner last night. Many, many delicious, flavorful things were devoured.

DELICIOUS PUPPY!!!! Don’t worry, I’m not in the habit of devouring puppies. Or full grown dogs for that matter…
Mari made us a beautiful fresh salad appetizer with homemade basil-ranch dressing.
She served us pasta pomodoro. Simple, you say? I disagree! She sauteed garlic in olive oil until it was browned, then stirred in fresh, blanched tomatoes, strips of basil and chili flakes until the flavors married. Ribbons of fresh pasta were layered in the pot, then tossed and topped with freshly grated asiago cheese. I died and went to Carbohydrate Heaven. I like it there!
Dessert was even more special – homemade strawberry, dark chocolate chip and cracked black pepper ice cream, drizzled with balsamic syrup. A weird and WONDERFUL combination!
I found my gourmet food soulmate!


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