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Tucson: Part One!

     After a painful nine hour drive, we finally made it to Tucson. We checked into a lovely hotel that has individual cottages tucked away in the mountains and headed to the show to set up.

First things first: FOOD! In order to be as helpful as possible in set-up, I must be fueled!
I strolled the streets searching for restaurants. Most of them were closed, yet all of the tattoo parlors, bars and smoke shops were still swamped. 
I just don’t get it.
Luckily I found a cute little place, Delectables, that was open for another ten minutes and they were gracious enough to seat and feed me. I asked the waitress for her recommendation and got the chicken, pesto and Brie sandwich on a french roll.
This was delicious, but somehow I’ve never been able to come to terms with the fact that I’m eating wax when I’m consuming Brie cheese. Anyone else have this issue?
Post fooding, we were serenaded by a band (I thought it was one of those listed, but they aren’t playing until tomorrow…) while setting up our tent. These guys were GOOD! I wanted to go in and listen, but had to find contentment with listening to their songs through the window. If only I knew who they were :-/
The booths are up! Time for me to crash on my lovely Tempur-pedic mattress in preparation for the long day tomorrey!
I make no apologies for my awful grammar in this post. YOU spend nine hours on the road and three and a half lifting heavy booth material, then we can talk.


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