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Hop-On Hop-Off

With my ankle being a bit of a bummer thanks to a running injury, my travel buddy and I decided that our new favorite thing to do is hop-on hop-off bus tours. Picture heavy post, comin’ at ya!

München, Germany
AM2The most important sights first – Löwenbräu Brewery, which I just found out is owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev. Wah. Ah well, I still enjoy it (although my favorite beer we’ve had here so far has been Andechs by miles!).
AM3Boil kettles and mash tuns across the street.
AM4Nymphemburg Palace. We decided to stay on the bus here since we’d snagged the front seats at the top, plus my ankle was still acting up.
AM5And glad we did! It started raining immediately. We stayed inside the warm, cozy bus while the throngs of people who had just hopped-off started running towards the palace.
AM6Olympiapark in Munich.
AM7BMW Museum (closed on Mondays for anyone interested in going).
AM9At this point of the ride, some of the descriptions of the sights were lost in translation.
AM10We hopped off here to grab some lunch.
AM14The Glockenspiel Cafe is located on the 7th floor in the building directly across from the clock.
AM15First things first, lunchbeer! Hofbräu Original Helles.
AM17Balsamic lentils with some kind of amazing creme foam.
AM18Gnocchi with sundried tomato and pumpkin seed pesto, garlic and fresh parmesan for me. Painfully delicious.
AM16The gorgeous view of the Glockenspiel. We were lucky enough to grab seats at the window after one couple left.
AM19Just a port-a-potty swinging over the streets.
AM1We jumped back on and passed through the Viktualienmarkt – a HUGE farmers market with over 300 types of cheese, crates of fresh fruits and vegetables, wines, truffles and biergartens everywhere.
PalaceOne last look at the Nymphemburg Palace.
Munchen‘Twas an amazing day!

Salzburg, Austria
Yesterday, we had plans to check out Salzburg, Austria. We took the bullet train southeast and an hour and 45 minutes later, pulled into the main station.
AM26Mozart’s place of birth! Conveniently located above a chain grocery store.
AM27Fish sammiches with the skin on. Eek.
AM25St. Blaise Church at the end of the street. The street was packed, so we looked for a way to get some space and room to breathe.
AM20We took the Mönchsberg Lift to the top of one of the mountains that houses the Museum der Moderne and were blessed with this view.
AM23Breathtaking views of the Salzach River.
AM22As well as the busy city.
AM24After taking a ridiculous amount of pictures, we took the lift back down and head out to find the yellow hop-on hop-off bus of Salzburg.
AM28My throbbing ankle was please beyond belief once we were picked up. Here’s a view of the Museum der Moderne we’d just retreated from.
AM29The Horse Bath statue.
AM30Driving into the tunnel leading to the outskirts of the city.
AM31A view of the Hohensalzburg Fortress.
FortressHohensalzburg Fortress from the Museum der Moderne.
SalzburgAnd a farewell to the beautiful city.

We jumped back on the bullet train and enjoyed the rivulets of rain streaming down the windows as the gentle rocking lulled me to sleep.

Tomorrey we’re off to Amsterdam! There may be a hop-on hop-off canal tour planned. Any recommendations for places to go/avoid?


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