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Brewing at Verboten

Did anyone celebrate “Learn to Homebrew” day on Saturday?
am8The Verboten Sisterhood celebrated with a Saison brew at Verboten Brewing in Loveland. Mash in time: 8:30am.
AM6I broke the boots out of their retirement.
am7And the pumpkin chocolate chip donuts! The best thing about brewing with ladies, or culinary-inclined men – the spread. We had my baked donuts, sausage and cheese croissant rolls, fresh cinnamon rolls, pumpkin walnut bread, chocolate chip stout bread, porter gingerbread, apple cider and coffee that had been freshly roasted at one of the sister’s houses. Edible bliss.
AM2All set up to mash in!
AM1Shiny 6bbl fermentor, ready to be filled.
AM4AM3We mashed in with a heavy grain bill.
am9I’ve had plenty of experience shoveling out wet mash, so I decided to let the other ladies handle this one. Let’s pretend it was me being selfless and not lazy…
AM10In between transfers, boils, hop additions and spice additions we sat around chatting, walked around outside to enjoy the beautiful weather, consumed massive amounts of previously mentioned baked goods and paired pizza with one of the new brews on tap.
mountainMountain Man – Imperial Dark Cream Ale coming in at 10.5%ABV. I didn’t actually plan any pairings. This was the beer that had been tapped the night before that I had to try.
sistasThanks to Josh, Angie and Verboten Brewing for hosting and letting us spend the day! Now to make some spent grain bread with the remains of our brew!

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