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The Rehearsal

Last Friday, Brie and Chris were preparing to be joined forever in holy matrimony.
While the bride and groom were busy making the final preparations, Commander Matt, Brew Chief Joe and I were feeling quite stressed out by the pending nuptials and de-stressed at Ladyface Alehouse. We split a gigantic flight of all the Ladyface beers…
…Suicide sweet potato fries…
I also stole a bite from the boys’ mini sliders. We attempted not to overstuff ourselves. I failed.
The rehearsal and rehearsal dinner was held at the Cornell Winery. As soon as (or a while before) the three of us arrived, the vino started flowing.
As did the appetizers. Thick slices of rustic bread were smothered in creamy garlic and topped with sweet balsamic reduction. Salty prosciutto and rich cheeses rounded out the first course, as well as some cold tomato soup-looking dip that I never got a chance to try.
The boys approved of the spread. So handsome.
After everyone had their fill of carbs and dairy and full glasses of wine, the rehearsal began.
Best Man Brew Chief Joe escorted the lovely Amanda down the aisle.
Best of Men Commander of Finance Matt walked down with the beautiful Sarah.
And then came the beautiful bride and her father.
Utter radiance!
They walked through the ceremony with no mishaps and no sprinting away from the altar. Step one – complete.
Sealed with a kiss.
Success! Unfortunately at the wedding the next day neither the bride or groom showed and everyone was left broken-hearted.
Just kidding. They lived happily ever after and went to Maui for their honeymoon.
(Pictured above is the wedding beer – The Last Days of Braun with the newlywed Enegrens in the background!)

Congratulations, Chris and Brie! I couldn’t be happier for the both of you!

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White Wedding

My parentals moved to Colorado in April. I got the chance to visit them in May, and last weekend they came out to San Diego to attend the wedding of their best friends’ daughter! I moseyed on down to visit with them and attend the wedding as well.

My mumsie and I went out for a nice lazy breakfast on our first morning.
We visited The Cottage in La Jolla – a cute little house with a large patio and white picket fence.
The most important meal of the day – COFFEE.
My mumsie ordered the chicken hash over warm corn tortillas.
I went for my typical greasy diner/breakfast out meal – Eggs Benedict! Nothing too special about this one…
Except for the perfectly poached egg and fresh avocado slices. It’s quite a feat to poach an egg just right. It’s the little things in life that matter.
It definitely made it a lot harder to squeeze into that dress for the wedding, but totally worth it!
I also purchased my very first pair of flats ever. I hate shopping. This was a big deal for me.
My beautiful parental unit.
Parents of the bride.
Such a beautiful, happy couple! Now time for celebrating!
Champagne mojito? Yes, please!
And the feasting and dancing begins.
Steak, shrimp and mac ‘n cheese! Best wedding food I’ve eaten to date.
Build your own dessert.
Father-daughter dance being beautifully interrupted by grandpa.

It was an absolutely perfect wedding. The recap of the rest of the trip coming soon!


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