Santa Monica and Glazing!

     Yesterday was jam-packed! I got home from LA around 9:30am, had a huge cup of coffee and entertained my roommates with all my stories from being on set, then proceeded to walk out the door and pick up my friend from Colorado who’s visiting and go out for an extended lunch. I was planning on staying in town, but then heard that the high of the day was going to be 110 degrees. No thank you. We ended up in Santa Monica, on the beach.

Kim and I trying to narrow down our food options. TOO. MANY. CHOICES!
We ended up at Yangtze, a Thai/Japanese/Chinese fusion restaurant.
A very pale salad. Delicious sesame dressing, though!
I got a bowl of Tom Kha Gai, a coconut milk soup with lemongrass, galanga root and chicken. I’m still working on getting my appetite back after filming.
Kim got the Bangkok Inferno. Awesome name!
     We hung out at Yangtze for about an hour and a half catching up and going through some amazing memories from high school in Colorado, where I used to live. This girl can have me laughing like no other! Kim, when are you finally going to move out here??

     We walked around the 3rd Street Promenade, went into a few shops, bought some awesome, affordable clothes from H&M, and watched some street performers.
Buskers! We saw these tap dancers, an opera singer, some dude with an awesome beard playing guitar (the beard was more impressive than his guitar skills), and a bunch of palm readers and psychics.
Man with flower. I want to frame this picture, and then I want to go buy a big flower, wear a slick black suit and look awesome.
     Kim and I drove up the coast while listening to Gomez, Sky Sailing, Seabear, The x x and a whole bunch of other cool indie bands. Our lives do not suck.
     After I dropped Kim off, I headed over to mi madre’s. We stopped by Lotus for some frozen yogurt.
A small cup of original tart with chocolate chips and strawberries.
Then we went to pottery class. It was glazing night!
My two favorite colors: Cappuccino and Batik Blue.
The kiln was at 906 degrees. It was kind of hot.
The night sky outside of the studio. Bliss.
Me putting my enormous guns to use and whisking the glaze.
     Unfortunately, all my before pictures came out blurry, so you’ll just have to wait until next week for the finished products. Christmas presents, anyone? I am so ready with my bowls!
     As for today, back to reality. I have a full shift starting at noon, but I have a wonderful new outlook to keep me sane. Happy Wednesday!
What helps keep you sane during the work week?

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