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March of Brews

Who’s ready for a picture-bomb post with short blurbs? A lot has happened in the last month and once again I’ve failed to blog regularly. If you want to keep up with me follow me on my personal Instagram or on the brewery’s Instagram!
EndofDarkNights More Snowbank beer photography.
Grains2 Pint o’ Barley.
am13 One of my favorite regulars, Louie. He enjoys long walks on the beach, candelit dinners, trips to Home Depot and running into one prairie dog hole only to emerge from another over twenty feet away.
am14 I spent a day in Denver with the parental unit visiting breweries…
am15 And attending a kickass Colorado Avalanche game! We won. Obviously.
am16 I’ve found time to sneak away from the brewery here and there to visit other local breweries, and I’ve rediscovered my love for my bike with the 70 degree temps we’ve been having lately.
am18 Avery Brewing recently opened up their new facility which is absolutely stunning!
am19 We spent a wonderfully long afternoon wandering the brewery and sipping some of the specialties on tap.
am21 Our most recent managers meeting was atop a mountain.
am23 The brewdogs were in attendance, of course.
am22 And we rehydrated, as one would expect, with Moon Arete Wheat.
am24 Afternoons and evenings have been spent on the porch, enjoying the lingering light of day…
am17 And sunsets over the mountains.
am25 I found my replacement coffee shop once my beloved Cranknstein closes it’s doors on April 18th. Pardon me while I quietly sob. I’ll write a full post on the new coffee shop later this week!
am26 Our customers are ridiculously talented.
am27 These were created by one half of my favorite couple. Chuck’s famous ceviche! I had seven spoons of these before he announced dinner. And then had another one for my actual dinner since I was so stuffed.
am28 Every so often the Snowbank crew goes out to support our accounts. 47½ Stout at The Moot House in Fort Collins.
am29 We’re repairing our patio so we can soon have beer outside! Obviously, photos don’t count as “outside”.
am30 This kid came to visit for the weekend – one of my buddies from waaaay back at UCSB. I hadn’t seen him in over eight years!
then And nine years ago at college. Feeling old starts… NOW!
am31 Early mornings at the brewery are common. I always love watching the sunrise whilst sipping coffee and answering emails.
am32 The brewery has been involved in a ton of collaboration brews in preparation for American Craft Beer Week.
am10 Hanging with Linsey from Horse & Dragon and Kelly from New Belgium.
am8 When great forces combine.
AM Fresh can straight off the canning line. Because free beer.
Screen shot 2015-04-08 at 6.09.06 PM It’s always a good day when you’re brewing at New Belgium.
am33 I enjoyed a just-after-sunrise Easter service followed by a long bike ride on the trails and, of course…
am34 Rehydration.

I make no promises for when the next post will be. Lesson learned.

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