Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal

This morning I awoke to thick sheets of damp grey marine layer resting outside my windows. I put on a baggy sweatshirt and shivered in delight, images of pumpkin muffins and steaming hot mugs of cider racing through my brain.

Then the sun came out. I said, “Screw it,” closed the blinds,  pretended I was still frozen through and set to work making an oatmeal that would satisfy anyone who lusts after autumn the way I do.[gmc_recipe 4997]
If it’s still too warm outside to make this, just shut your blinds, blast the air conditioner and shiver away over the stove top until this deliciousness appears and thaws you from the inside out. Or you could just be patient and wait until it’s actually cold out… I do not have that much self control.

I made just enough for a single serving, but only because we had a scant 1/3 cup of steel cut oats left. You can easily double, triple or octo-ply this to feed yourself and anyone lucky enough to smell the scent of fresh pumpkin pie wafting through the air.

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10 Responses to Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal

  1. Yum I love oatmeal and this looks delicious. Come on Fall, I’m ready for you.

  2. so excited for pumpkin oats! i still have a can from last year….

    been thinking of you lately b/c i’ve been cooking with beer a bunch!

  3. Dan

    Wow! I’m going to have to make that! I’ve never even thought of pumpkin pie flavored oatmeal.

  4. dave from downunder

    interesting how you call Autumn ..Autumn! i thought you guys always called it Fall???

  5. Justin

    That’s a nice looking bowl!