Brewery Eats

On the weekends, brewers tend to get tired of ordering in delicious foods. Creativity begins.
Enegren has a mini grill that can fit the equivalent of half of a meal for a normal person. Brew chief Joe made it work.
Beef + green onions + creativity = Carne asada tacos!
Avocado and cilantro fancied them up. They were devoured.
Pairing is necessary with such brewery feasts. We had the Deviation Stout that had been aging in a barrel since February. This was definitely the worst beer in the world.
The EBC crew definitely should NOT have served it to customers. It should have been solely given to workers so they could truly appreciate what a terrible beer had been created. I may or may not have had multiple tasters of this heavenly delicious atrocious beer.
In all honestly, especially when served from a pump tap, this beer was out of this world amazing. Smooth, room temperature and full of oak and chocolate and roast and love. There is no love this great in the world. Besides God’s love.
And that of a baby husky. All wonderful things.

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