A Visit from the Chive


It’s been a while, I know. I was kidnapped and taken to a ridiculously beautiful (not abandoned) hotel on the beach for my birthday, forced to consume lots of delicious foods and try new beers, then kidnapped again and taken to Arizona where I was forced to drive golf carts, eat more delicious foods and drink more beer. It was traumatizing and rough, but I escaped and now I’m back to reality. Sigh.
beaches Sunset at Mandalay Bay.
am2 A complimentary bottle of Barrel-Aged Kriek from Island Brewing Company on my birthday.
am4 Just heard that one of my Island Brewing favorites, Little Island, is back! Who wants to bring me a bottle? Beer trade, anyone?
am5 My happy place. Craft beers and the beach – could it get any better?
am6 Grilled filet mignon, lemony risotto and garlic-lemon sauteed broccolini with Tempranillo for Hallmark Day.
am7 John, Joe and Patty from The Chive came to Enegren Brewing Company to learn more about the brewing process and everything beer. KCCO beer – coming soon! Looking forward to it, guys!
am8 Joe and Patty checking out the digs. AM10 A little pouring training for John.
AM11 Success! Much better than his first attempt…
Screen shot 2013-03-02 at 8.51.22 AM Yeah, about that…
Screen shot 2013-03-02 at 8.54.51 AM After a rowdy two or three hours, John bought beers for 40 Chivers to Pay It Forward and they departed.
am9 As of now only ten glasses are left on John’s tab and Brother Joseph “Bro-Joe” Belgian Strong Ale is on tap! Why aren’t you here yet?
AM12 After all that craziness, another kidnapping took place. We went to Arizona, played golf (well, I hit two drives and then drove the golf cart. Same difference…) drank more delicious local beer and enjoyed the warm summeresque evenings.
Arizona On the drive back to California, we stumbled across this abandoned beauty:
school But that’ll have to wait until tomorrey…


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  1. Michel

    Seriously, I’m from Belgium.
    If you send me something good from your side, I’ll send you something from this side. You just name it. We just have to wrap it really carefully. 🙂
    What do you think?
    Can we make a deal?

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