Chocolate Caramel Porter Pops

I think it’s official. I think we may finally be over the random days of waking up to find snow covering the ground! (Knock on wood.)
Cloudy ColoradoThere have been many a wonderful spring shower in the afternoon, but the temperature is finally on a continuous upswing! We’ve been getting 90+ degrees for the last week. Summer is coming! And summer calls for…
am7Popsicles!!! Not just any popsicles though. Popsicles with BEER in them!
amI teamed up with fairlife to bring some boozy recipes to the table. Some of them definitely haven’t worked out.
am9Beer + dairy = curdled sadness. But these beersicles are a winner!
am8The rich creaminess of the fairlife 2% chocolate milk makes the texture of these like fudgsicles, not the bland, crystallized, icy frozen milk you might expect. You’ll notice that I instructed to put the beer in the base of these popsicles whereas the pictures are reversed. After a horrible disaster that ended with me hand mopping my entire kitchen floor, I determined that the softer consistency of the frozen beer part would better be placed on the top of the popsicle so you don’t get stuck with puddles of sweet beer and chocolate milk on your floor. You’re welcome.
am2I used one of my favorite porters around – Killer Boots caramel porter by Verboten Brewing. First, make a simple syrup and let cool completely. I chilled mine in the fridge for a good hour.
am3Slowly mix together the beer and simple syrup, tasting as you go. These beersicles end up pretty sweet, so you may want to use less than I did.
am1Fill the bases of the popsicle with the beer mixture and let them freeze for 2-4 hours, or until slightly solidified.
am6Fill them the rest of the way with fairlife 2% chocolate milk, until 1/4 inch to the top.
am5The genius that I am, I forgot science and the fact that liquids expand as they freeze, so after filling the molds up all the way I ended up cleaning out my freezer and rinsing off the overflow. Don’t do that.
am7When completely frozen, place the molds in a cup of hot water for about two minutes until the popsicles slide right out and enjoy!
[gmc_recipe 7715]
am10Happy almost summer to everyone! What’s your favorite style/flavor of popsicle?

Note: I was provided free product and compensation by fairlife to create this recipe. All text and opinions are my own.


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5 Responses to Chocolate Caramel Porter Pops

  1. Aaron Sawtelle

    Can’t wait to try this. So that I’m clear milk on the bottom and the beer mix on top?

    • You can put it either way, but I’d definitely recommend the milk at the base of the popsicle for stability. Or eat it outside 🙂

  2. These sounds ridiculously awesome! I would like to use your recipe in a post I’m working on. Could I use a picture you took of the popsicles? I’ll definitely credit you back on it 🙂

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