This Is…

This is my life now.
am4This is a bike ride to breweries with new friends.

This is home.
AM2This is fishing at sunset.
AM1This is catching fish at sunset (or snagging them on the head with a hook and feeling absolutely terrible about it, but still taking a picture).
am3This is free pretzel Friday at the Mayor of Old Town.
am5This is Watson Lake.
am7This is a windy selfie of me and my beloved bike after we rode 15 miles to enjoy Watson Lake.
am9This is my finger intruding upon the amazing views during a 30 mile ride.
am8This is the angry Poudre River, raging with freshly melted snowpack.
AM11This is a well deserved Loose Leaf on the patio of Odell with my amazing friends after a 30 mile ride.
AM12This is an aptly named brewdog, Simcoe, with ready-to-mill grain.
am15This is home.

This is happy.


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2 Responses to This Is…

  1. Mario

    What an awesome life (and some great photos too)! Thanks for sharing, Becki!

    • Jim

      fantastic blog. Love the photos and great taste in food and location – Colorado is a great summer getaway spot.

      it is nice to discover your favourite actors are the type of folks you would like to have a beer and go fishing with

      I read what some of the critics said about Age of Dragons….it may not have been ‘great cinema’ but was not intended to be an art film and I found it very enjoyable ..none of the movies I really like were critical faves.