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Punched by the Sky

We wrapped up the show in Burbank yesterday under super fun circumstances.
Looks like a nice day out, yes?
A Bird of Paradise, enjoying the sunny day whilst crammed into a dirty pot on the polluted city sidewalk…
Wait a second…
We got hailed on. I ended up with a few nice welts on my face because, being the genius that I am, I decided to look up and see what was falling from the sky. I don’t recommend it.

Once I got home I poured a bottle of painkiller and sat back before promptly passing out at 9pm. Getting smacked in the face with hail will do that to you.
Mmmm, painkillers. So wiped out that I didn’t even take a picture of my beer. Pity me, please.

I’m off to chef up a storm – Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas are on the menu for tonight!


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Monsoon in Palm Springs!

Even puppies need shelter from the torrential downpour!!!
     Sorry, I just couldn’t contain myself. We got to Palm Springs yesterday and set the booth up in pouring rain. I seriously looked like a drowned rat by the time we were done – my jeans were soaked up to the knees and water flowed from my hair like a river.
Drowned rat, drowned cat… same difference.
We woke up to this: dreary, drizzly desert. Oxymoronic alliteration??
Luckily, we saved the artwork from complete destruction by covering all the pieces with thick plastic last night. It could have been a dreadful wake-up call!
DOUBLE RAINBOW! Oh, no wait… just a regular rainbow…
We had enough of a reprieve in the rain that I was able to go get lunch.
Turkey Cranberry sandwich on whole grain bread from Koffi!
I also got super fancy chocolates from Cafe Chocolat. The one on the left is an aged balsamic truffle – So sticky sweet and richly delicious! The one on the right was a honey lavender truffle – tasted like perfume. Not in a good way.
I also got treated to this gorgeous ring! My boss gave it to me for my birthday! 
After the show wrapped at 4pm, we met up with a couple of artists at Monsoon, one of the top-rated Indian food restaurants of Palm Springs.
Eatin’ at Monsoon durin’ a monsoon. Tralalala!
I started with one of my favorites – Mango Lassi!
The four of us (oh, hi there, Robert!) split chicken tikka masala, baingan bartha, and chicken korma.
Of course we had to end with gajar halwa, or as I call it: butter-carrot pudding!
We were originally supposed to check out the new Liam Neeson movie, but working all day in the rain, freezing your ass off can really exhaust a person.
I retired to my room with a tall glass of Stone IPA.

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny!
Praying for dry weather!!


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