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Summer Filming: Day 2

     Last night, I ended up heating up a bunch of leftover chicken divan and someone brought back a bottle of Muscato – a really sweet white wine, which we all split. I had half a glass, brushed my teeth, and promptly passed out. Or attempted to. I got a total of about 3.5 hours of sleep last night. This means I’m functioning on 7 or 8 hours of sleep for 48 hours. Yay.

     Call time this morning was 7am, so I swung by Starbucks for a VENTI soy chai latte, and grabbed a granola bar.

My lovely costar Madisen Hill, getting her makeup DID.
     I basically sat around on set with this kid:
and had a 4-hour long listening party. We have incredible taste in music. Seriously. 
Then came lunch.
A section of a chicken and pesto sammich, and a veggie sammich.
Sign made by Chelsea to save Coco’s life. He remains alive as of now.
     After lunch came another 5 hours of waiting, so I decided to check out the park where we were filming: Irvine Regional Park.
I didn’t have to force David into this. At all.
Dahlia and Nancy joined us. Yay for new friends!
Pony rides for people. Miniature pony rides for miniature people.
This gigantic park rents out these little party pavilions, and you can also rent bouncy houses.
David and Nancy under the Camel Toe tree. I’m so sorry I wrote that.
     I finally got to filming at 5:30pm. Today was known to the crew members as “The Lake Scene” and to us actors as, “The Makeout Scene”. There was a romantic kiss atop of a waterfall while the sun set on the lake below. Oh, and the twenty people who gathered to watch the scene made it a lot less painful and awkward :P.
     I did not eat enough today. I’m waiting on the crew to see if we’re going to get some frozen yogurt from Cherry on Top down the street, but they’re all busy working and prepping for tomorrow. Lame. I’m off to attempt to either eat, or pass out and try (hopefully with more success) to sleep so I don’t become a total beeyotch on set tomorrow. You’ve all been warned!


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On Set: Day Two!

     Here’s what today consisted of: Monster, work, granola bar, work, Subway, work, home, leftovers.

     Now that we’re over the boring part, let’s just pretend today didn’t happen. I’m gonna tell you about yesterday, my second and final day on set!

     Started the day off with, of course, a Monster.

My roommate made this GM: 3 cups of spinach, 1/2 a banana, 3/4 a cup of unsweetened soymilk, a crapload of frozen cherries and lemon juice. Thanks, roomie!
     We were filming in Pacific Palisades yesterday, and had to park on the ocean. It was rough sitting there waiting for the shuttle to come get me as the waves crashed on the shore and the salty breeze whispered through my hair. Poetic, no?
     When I got to location, I had to take pictures. This house was beautiful, and the view was even better.
The back of the house with Mr. Director.
View of the trail that leads to the ocean.
      I got hungry, as I do every few minutes, and the craft service table was hollering at me. I grabbed a hot cup of coffee (It was a nice chilly 65F when I got to set), and a big piece of buttery, sweet blueberry pound cake. 
No idea why the time-code showed up. I’m not totally saavy with the camera yet…
     My co-star Matt finally arrived in the shuttle and Mr. Director walked us through our first scene, then we were sent off to wardrobe and makeup.
Getting my makeup done makes me hungry.
When kissing scenes are involved, I make the guys WISP!
     We shot a few scenes that took about 4 hours including all the wardrobe changes – SO MANY WARDROBE CHANGES, then went to my favorite part of the day: LUNCH!
I love catering! I had a burger made with sundried tomatoes and bleu cheese, a big salad with a drizzle of french dressing, and two 4-cheese raviolis. HAPPY!
     After lunch came more makeup. My poor face. The lovely makeup artist had some fun with wardrobe.
Beautiful, dahling!
     The sun had finally set so we were able to move on to the most important scene.
Whaaaaa? What is this???
     Some scenes were filmed, drama occurred, and I got to get some cool shots of the set that the art department did an AMAZING job designing!
This is how I want my dinner parties to be! LOVE candles! And fake wine :).
     I took some pictures from the balcony to get some of the action. I had to use manual mode so the flash wouldn’t go off and destroy the scene, that’s why it’s blurry.
Cameraman and Mr. D with the monitor.
     We wrapped the day around 10:45pm. That would be a 12 hour shoot, folks. I was in heaven! I wish it hadn’t been my final day. I could do this forever! Love love love love love it! Love the exhaustion, love the pain, love the friendships that are created so quickly, LOVE IT! All my teetering on the fence is over. Acting is definitely my main passion, but I feel like I’m finally able to balance it with everything else in my life. I’m a happy girl!
     I had a beautiful, but long, late night drive up the PCH and got to see the moonset. Anyone ever seen a moonset? Me neither until yesterday, but it was awesome! The red crescent kept getting lower and lower until it disappeared into the ocean. The air was scented with salt and campfire, and the upbeat CD that my DJ friend gave me kept me alert and awake. When I got home, I showered off all the makeup and hairspray that had accumulated throughout the day, and CRASHED.
     This show will be airing mid-August. Once I get the official date and time, and I’m finally allowed to tell you what the project is, you’ll be the first to know. I’m going to go sit out back and enjoy my freedom and the sweet summer air for now. 
Wonderful day to be alive :).


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