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Monday Blahs

You can kind of see the etching on the glass – these were party favors from my bro’s wedding 🙂 He and my new sister-in-law are big homebrewers!
The day crawled by. Around noon I started getting hungry, and being possibly, officially lactose intolerant, I whipped out the goat’s milk yogurt that I’ve read about. How can I describe this to you? It tasted like liquid goat cheese, and when you pull the spoon out, little strands hang down, back into the cup. EW. I ate about a quarter of it before I just couldn’t take anymore.
Those are stale cinnamon Puffins on top. Sigh.
I had to get that awful taste out of my mouth, so I went on lunch and got the usual: a mini spicy tuna roll with brown rice.

Sorry for the lame picture. I really did look crazy taking this, so I was trying to be discreet. Massive Fail.
After four more hours of counting the minutes, I got to come home and throw on some sweats, wash my face and eat a big KSS with the last slice of pizza and… you guessed it: a Fat Tire. This KSS had roasted zucchini, asparagus, chopped red bell pepper, Spicy Ranchero Egg White Salad, warmed lentils and fresh herbs that came in the salad bag.

Sorry for the short post. I have the next few days off, so I’ll be getting on the trails, back on my bike and taking more pictures! Happy…? Monday…..

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