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Apricot Lane Farms

Last week the Enegren Brewing Crew was invited to visit a local biodynamic farm – Apricot Lane.
Screen shot 2012-12-16 at 3.08.04 PM Source

John and Molly Chester, the managers and owners, had come into the brewery the week before to try the beers and after learning that they ran this soon-to-be certified organic farm, I threatened to withhold serving them any more beer unless given the option to go see the place. They readily agreed.
am John and Todd, his beautiful blue-eyed pup, greeted us at the barn.
AM1 We immediately occupied ourselves with petting the guardians of the sheep – Basil and Sage. They spend days and nights protecting the sheep and goats from devilish, hungry coyotes.
AM2 These Great Pyrenees were ridiculously filthy and affectionate. Those two things combined made for some dirty jeans when they jumped on you. Well worth it.
AM3 We were introduced to the sheep next. This is Special. Special is…well, special. He was born with an unknown neurological disorder and has difficulties standing and walking, but has managed to overcome the odds so far and survive. AM4 Brie took an immediate liking to the little guy.
AM5 The goats were roaming around in the same pasture.
AM6 “Hey. Hey, whatcha got there?”
AM7 “Can I…can I see it?”
AM8 “Can I…can I eat it?”
AM9 We left Special asleep in the sun and trekked over to the barn.
AM10 Inside the big barn we came across these giants. Highland cattle – the baby in the background is being weaned from her mama, so she lives with her aunt for the time being.
AM11 Next up were the chicks. The cute phase above…
bb The not as cute teenage phase…
AM12 And the grown-up phase. These lucky chickens have a HUGE green pasture they roam about as well as a handmade coop they can seek shelter in. This farm has about ten to fifteen volunteers, known as WWOOFers, who live on the farm for three months at a time and are given room and board in exchange for working and learning about organic lifestyles. Interested? Check out WWOOF for more information. I’m quite tempted to go for it myself…
AM13 Johnny and Frankie are the two draft horses of the farm. They’ll be pulling the carriage about the farm once Apricot Lane begins giving tours. I’m just gonna put this out there now, but if there need to be any trial runs, I’m willing to help out and ride along…
AM14 How photogenic is he?
AM16 We rode up the hill on the back of the farm’s electric carts and took in the beautiful view.
AM17 Mama Highland and her hubs. Apparently she’s not very friendly to begin with, but now that her baby has been separated from her while she weans, she’s really pissed off. We kept our distance. Those horns don’t look like much fun to deal with.
AM18 The edge of the farm has yet another amazing view. The EBC crew was completely bowled over by how beautiful this place is.
AM19 Todd, gazing out over the horizon, keeping an eye out for coyotes.
AM20 We hopped back on the shuttle and were taken on a tour of the rest of the farm. 130 acres of fruit trees – apricots, apples, cherries, pluots, apriums, avocados and dozens of other varieties.
Screen shot 2012-12-16 at 3.49.36 PM (Picture taken from Apricot Lane Farm’s Facebook)
John and Molly (and Mallory), thank you so much for showing us your beautiful farm, AND for the most delicious eggs I’ve ever tasted. I can’t wait to go back and visit again – soon!

Check out Molly’s blog Organic Spark for amazing photography, recipes and details on how to live an organic lifestyle.


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