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Casa Sirena

If you’ve met me or followed by blog over the past few years, you may have noticed that I absolutely adore abandoned things. If it’s bedraggled, desolate and haunting, I’m guaranteed to be enraptured by it. Today, I came across such a place.
amIt’s possible Casa Sirena was considered a nice, even beautiful hotel back in the day. Waaaaay back in the day. According to the reviews right before they closed in 2010, it looked to be in about the same condition then as it is now. Kind of reminds me EXACTLY of the hotel of death I stayed at in Indio.
am1Welcome to Casa Sirena.
am2The pool may need a little work, but with the weather as brisk as it is lately, why would you want to go swimming anyway?am4And it’s not quite cold enough to need a hot tub either.am5If your kids are into skateboarding, this makes for a great skate park! Just be sure they avoid any broken glass and used needes.am3All of the offices are still full of furniture, paperwork and stripped of any remaining computers by vandals and looters. The walls make for fun potential arts and crafts if you can find any space among the graffiti.am9am10am6am11am7am12The Lobster Trap restaurant also sits abandoned with tablecloths still carefully laid across each table, full salt and pepper shakers poised in the center, waiting for that shake that will never come. It closed a month after the hotel.

Bedraggled, desolate and haunting: Just the way I like it.


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