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Eggnog Spiked Christmas Kettle Corn

Anyone else feeling way behind in the holiday season? Our tree still doesn’t have ornaments on it, and for us, that is a HUGE deal. Normally the tree is up and decorated the day after Thanksgiving and I’d be ready for the Christmas music to finally cease at this point. Instead I’m trying to catch up to the whirlwind of the season and feel a little Christmas spirit before the year is over!
amBarrel-aged Velvet Merkin – this is a good start. Rich oatmeal stout with a potent aroma and flavor of bourbon in front of the fire? Sounds like Christmas-time to me!
am1I also thought a little seasonal snack might help. I was never a big fan of eggnog as a kid, but ever since I found this Silk Seasonal Nog, I can’t get enough!
am2Pop some corn…
am3Make some nog-glaze…
am4Prettify the glaze….
am5Drizzle and enjoy! Sweet, salty, crunchy and vegan-friendly!
am6[gmc_recipe 6791]
am7Happy holidays!

Are you having trouble getting into the spirit of the season? I blame the late Thanksgiving!

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