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Drowning in Technology!

I’m drowning in technology and LOVING it!

Allow me to introduce the latest love of my life:
That’s right! I went out and got me a…
Hang on, it’s impossible to see without my ridiculously pointless, yet surprisingly useful Droid flashlight…
MACBOOK PRO!!!! This is the first computer I’ve ever bought for myself. It’s also the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought for myself. All my prior computers were either gifts for college or hand-me-downs. I feel almost like an adult! I said, almost…

I have a CRAPLOAD of new opportunities that have popped up in my life lately. Along with the OTHER blog I write, I’ll be undertaking another writing/editing job that will have me sitting in front of my computer for many, many hours at a time. I needed a computer that was faster, non-overheating, had a long battery life and was much prettier  to stare at: enter my new MacBook Pro 🙂 I just love saying it. MacBook Pro. Mmmmm.

It’s Friday and I have a free weekend! I’m off to an indie film date, then having freshly brewed beer with old friends. Happy Friday!!!

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