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Christmas Tree Suicide

Today, we got a lovely surprise of a fresh Christmas tree gracing our street.
With the crazy Santa Ana winds, the gigantic pine tree outside my house came crashing down. We’d just driven past it into our driveway, and were talking about how it had looked like it was leaning more when we heard a gigantic thud. Luckily it didn’t hit any cars, houses or people.
It did demolish our neighbor’s fence though. The cops came driving up the street, I helped them out by standing on the tree, waving my arms and hollering, “It’s right here!” and then proceeded to take crazy amounts of pictures of the destruction.
Mass destruction. Delicious-smelling destruction.
Beautifully broken. Cheesily stated.
I felt the need for a senior photo here. I never got to do the classic peeking around/leaning on a tree pose for my high school senior pic…
Like that.

Or that.


All my feelings of lost childhood/high school senior cheesy-photo-ops have been remedied.


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