Saying Goodbye

Yesterday was my little pup’s birthday. It was also her last day with us here on earth.

Happy 13th birthday, Buddha!
I’m sorry I gave you such horrible hackjob haircuts. It was for your own comfort, I swear!
We’ll miss how you enjoyed the little things in life. Apples…
More chips…
Fighting for chips…
Car rides… Sleeps…
And smiles. We love you, little Sonoma!
Happy birthday, Buddha.


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6 Responses to Saying Goodbye

  1. Aww – what a sweet face! We have a Pom that looks just like her (Salvador). I know you’ll miss her 🙁

  2. Mario

    Sorry to hear, Becki. Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is never easy. 🙁

  3. Hi there-the last three blogs I commented on had a comment from you so I had to stop by your blog. I love love love the name of it so I’m intrigued already!

    Buddha is absolutely precious and that video is killing me. At least you can always skype (my pup was with my parents for three months and I was thinking about skyping with him lol)

  4. Dan

    Sorry about your dog. BTW, your video link has copyright material from UMG…

  5. I’m so sorry to hear about dog, Becki! What a sweet face.

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