Spring Farm Festival

On Saturday I worked an event with Enegren Brewing Company benefiting adults with developmental disabilities. Enegren donated beer, and we were one of 27 booths pitching in to this great cause.
This view is starting to look familiar! So many beer events lately!
The festival was located in a beautiful house in Simi Valley. I went inside to check out the silent auction and stumbled across some of my former/slightly still current boss Ora’s art!!! She was working an art show in Woodland Hills this weekend and unable to attend, so she donated these beautiful prints. Our booth was placed along the tennis courts/basketball court with a bunch of other vendors and a stage for musical performances across the way.
Eddie Money was the featured performer of the evening. I had absolutely no idea who he was, although I did end up recognizing his hit songs. Commander Matt gave me a lot of grief for that…
The courts were packed with people, and Eddie kept calling out for his “Ladies from the eighties” to come up and sing with him. They obliged. Eddie also sang a duet with an autistic teen who, until four years old, was uncommunicative. To watch this girl belt out with Eddie was absolutely amazing!
The event seemed like a great success! I got a chance to enjoy the beautiful sunset with the marine layer rolling in over the mountains before we packed up.
I can’t wait to participate in more of these great causes! I’ve got a few coming up for Wolf Creek – I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Now, after a long brew day and scrubbing of boil kettles that left my hands dry and raw, I’m going to collapse on the couch and never get up. Until it’s time to fill kegs and clean some more tomorrey, that is.


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6 Responses to Spring Farm Festival

  1. Anonymous

    No true point to this blog or even the last few you have done. Stick with Beer and food, not your personal life/outtings.

    • Bill

      Disagree with “Anonymous” who seems to have control issues. There are quite a few places to read and learn about beers and brewing – your perspective and ability to share with stories and pictures is appreciated as is your contribution to the cause you highlighted above.

    • Mario

      I disagree, anonymous. A lot of what makes Becki’s blog so good is reading about the fun she has trying out something new: a beer/food pairing, a new hiking trail, a concert, etc. I’m okay with her not writing about food & beer all the time.

    • Justin

      I also disagree with Anonymous. I like to read her blog because she writes about other things besides food/beer. She adds her own personality / life to the blog and that’s what makes it great! Keep up the good work Becki!

  2. Michelle

    Don’t appreciate your comment “Anonymous.” It’s obvious that there’s not a whole lot to you besides snarky criticism. I thoroughly enjoy whatever Becki decides to blog about, and agree with Justin that adding her own personality to the blog is awesome. Anonymous-stop being such a downer! Becki-keep it up!

  3. ?

    @anonymous: what do you have against autism or causes that help support programs that help adults with disabilities? I think you should check your heart. Is it beating? I think all the commenters above are very kind in their replies to you, personally, I think you have some growing up to do. Good luck with that.

    Becki, you keep doing your blogs the way you do them. You add your insight, personality and beer knowledge to the lives of those of us who enjoy reading what you have to say. Do it your way and don’t let the ones who can’t do it (and seem to think they have the power slow you down) get in your way.