Casa Sirena

If you’ve met me or followed by blog over the past few years, you may have noticed that I absolutely adore abandoned things. If it’s bedraggled, desolate and haunting, I’m guaranteed to be enraptured by it. Today, I came across such a place.
amIt’s possible Casa Sirena was considered a nice, even beautiful hotel back in the day. Waaaaay back in the day. According to the reviews right before they closed in 2010, it looked to be in about the same condition then as it is now. Kind of reminds me EXACTLY of the hotel of death I stayed at in Indio.
am1Welcome to Casa Sirena.
am2The pool may need a little work, but with the weather as brisk as it is lately, why would you want to go swimming anyway?am4And it’s not quite cold enough to need a hot tub either.am5If your kids are into skateboarding, this makes for a great skate park! Just be sure they avoid any broken glass and used needes.am3All of the offices are still full of furniture, paperwork and stripped of any remaining computers by vandals and looters. The walls make for fun potential arts and crafts if you can find any space among the graffiti.am9am10am6am11am7am12The Lobster Trap restaurant also sits abandoned with tablecloths still carefully laid across each table, full salt and pepper shakers poised in the center, waiting for that shake that will never come. It closed a month after the hotel.

Bedraggled, desolate and haunting: Just the way I like it.


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  1. DG

    hi from australia AGAIN, re abandoned things. being US based i am sure you will have seen it…but the program Ghost Adventures has 3 likely chaps wandering around the most amazing abandoned places….incredible massive sites which remain abandoned for many years. Not that i beleive all the spirit activity that happens…but great places to see…

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  3. Sandi Royce

    I have heatd that Casa Sirena has sold to a developer who is putting in commercial and condos on top…have you heard anything?

    • I actually hadn’t! Interesting to hear though – I think they’ll have to raze quite a bit, if not all, of the lot. It’s in pretty bad shape…

  4. Carly G

    Stayed at that hotel in the 1990’s it was a badly run business and not at all clean or maintained, bugs, blood stains and broken fixtures were just the start in any of the rooms, plus the young employees had attitudes and rudeness like we have never known. I thought it a shame cause the local was beautiful, glad that the developer is going to build a nice new hotel/restaurant and try to get Marriott or some big hotel brand to buy it. it deserves a great place to occupy the spot. Wish I could go photo the dying structure and go back when the new one is up to compare, but your photos say it all.

  5. I live 3 minutes away from this place and had no idea it existed until now. Wow, I kinda want to bike there and check it out but I’m sure security wouldn’t be so happy about that.

  6. Melanie

    My mom and my stepdad were married here and thier wedding was the last event they ever had. The hotel was pretty cool but it had some bugs.

  7. Melanie

    I just came back and there was noo security but there was some parked cars and it was the creepiest thing ever especially in the dark.

  8. Anonymous

    I was just there today! I love this site. Its so creepy the way everything is! The restaurant looks as if the crew literally walked out midshift.

  9. Melissa

    I was just there today! I love this site. Its so creepy the way everything is! The restaurant looks as if the crew literally walked out midshift.

  10. Sarah Hoffman

    I just moved to the apartments at Paz Mar and completely forgot about this place. I can’t believe it’s still up and abandoned. Surprisingly there isn’t that much graffiti or traffic going through there especially for this town Oxnard. But maybe because it’s been forgotten and because of it’s location. There is a security guard that you can see walk around there during the day and night. Several cars parked all throughout the place randomly, I can’t imagine homeless people staying there since there is no running water or electricity…but who knows..

  11. Cathy

    It’s hard to believe that this hotel has been abandoned and left to rot. I’m surprised that no other hotel ring has not purchased it and restored it
    That’s gotta be a gold mine because of the beautiful location. Be very careful about parking there the management of the boat docks gets irate and calls cops. The birds there are unique and really go off at night. One kind is Herons and I don’t know what the other bird is. I’ve never heard or seen them before. It seems they are only located there. They make unbelievable noises and get real loud like they’re talking to each other then suddenly it’s compete silence. How sad this property is left for ruin.

  12. No

    I know people stay there and I have homeless parents but am not homeless but they stay there I been there like 20 times last year but it’s getting demolished on 1-3- 2022 or any other day

  13. milo

    me and my friends recently went inside of this hotel. we heard hella amount of random noise and so many clashing noises. we thought it was the homeless but we later discovered that no one was in the hotel because of the demolition that is planned in a week. there’s something that’s not human in that hotel.