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Mari’s Pasta Pomodoro!

     A few months back, Ora and I were invited to a fellow artist’s home for a homecooked meal. I fell head over heels for this pasta dish and begged Mari for her recipe. A few days ago, she sent it to me. Today, I made my dreams come true.

Not the bacon dream, the pasta dream. 
I dream about food a lot…
Mari’s Pasta Pomodoro
(lightly adapted)
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
3 cloves garlic, minced
2 14.5oz cans of petite diced tomatoes (no spices or herbs added)
1 tablespoon kosher salt
2 tablespoons sugar
1 package fresh whole wheat linguini (I used Buitoni whole-wheat linguine)
     1. In a deep saute pan, heat the olive oil over medium heat and add minced garlic.
     2. Saute until garlic is a light brown, about two minutes.
     3. Add petite diced tomatoes, stir and simmer for 5-10 minutes, stirring constantly.
(Sorry for the painful product-placement!)
     4. Add salt and sugar, stir well and let simmer while pasta cooks.
     5. Cook pasta according to packaging (Buitoni’s fresh pasta only takes 2-3 minutes).
     6. Drain pasta and add to tomato sauce, then cook together until heated through, about 3 minutes.
     7. Serve and top with freshly grated asiago cheese and fresh herbs.
Mmmm, delectable AND healthy!
     At this point, I’d realized that I forgot to add a vegetable to my meal (yet again), so I roasted some broccoli and combined it with the pasta. 
So healthy! Maybe too healthy…
A big glass of Dos Beckis should remedy that!
After an extra month of bottle-conditioning, Dos Beckis has taken on a lovely hoppy flavor! 
I couldn’t be happier! 
And maybe some rich foods on the road – that’s right! 
Back to Carefree tomorrow morning!

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Jinky’s Kanan Cafe!

     I had lots of errands to run today in order to prepare for a special video recipe coming up.

Dun dun dunnnnnn!
     My director and I swung by The Olive Vineyard around noon to pick up some special, super secret ingredients (what could I possibly be getting at an olive oil store? Who knows!) and I felt the rumblings of hunger in the pit of my stomach. After a glowing recommendation from the olive oil girl, we headed over to Jinky’s Kanan Cafe in Agoura Hills.
 This is a small chain with restaurants in Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Santa Monica and now Agoura Hills.
They’re known for their ridonkulous varieties of chili.
Ridonkulous = ridiculous squared.
So. Much. Chili.
We got a sampler of four cups of chili: Himalayan beef, Hickory Turkey…
…Spicy Mango Chicken and Wild, Wild West.
The overall favorite was the Wild, Wild West chili – the only one that had beans. All the others were just crumbly meats in sauces, and not substantial enough to satisfy.
I ordered the Sedona chicken sandwich – grilled chicken, green chilies, red onion and melted cheddar on a fluffy bun.
I got a preview of their breakfast menu.
I’ve been known to dream about bacon. I really hope I don’t start dreaming about their pancakes.


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My Day at Sofrita!

     I ate five meals in a row at Sofrita. I’m not ashamed. I’m uncomfortably full, but definitely not ashamed. Part one:
After setting up the booth last night, I strolled directly across the street and plopped my tired butt down in the corner table of this darling little restaurant.
Don’t freak out, okay? I ordered… A SALAD!!! I think this may be the first salad I’ve ever ordered on the road – I tend to gravitate towards rich foods smothered in cheese, preferably fried.
The El Gran Combo romaine, avocado, hearts of palm and fresh tomatoes drizzled with a coconut-lime vinaigrette.

     I wandered back to the hotel, full of pride and greenery, blazed through a bunch of homework and aced a quiz. As I fell into the (clean, white, luxurious) bed, visions of crispy bacon danced through my head.
  Seriously. I dreamt about bacon.
My dream came true! I went back to Sofrita for breakfast.
Huevos Nuevo Latino – eggs scrambled with roasted winter vegetables, served with warm tortillas, fresh salsa and fruit salad. I ordered a slice of bacon on the side. 
They gave me four.
I ordered takeout for lunch, à la Sofrita. Are you tired of the word Sofrita yet? Sorry.
I had the Cran-Raspberry Chicken Saladgrilled chicken breast with dried cranberries and raspberry mayo on crusty, whole grain bread.
Okay, I only told the partial truth. We had dinner tonight at Redendo’s, but to be fair, it is the sister restaurant of Sofrita
My dinner consisted of half a glass of Chianti, and an eighth of this huge plate of pesto pasta with goat cheese.
We accidentally (seriously, it was an accident) ordered a “bottle of sangria” when we meant “bottle of Chianti”, so we had this pretty little number dropped off at our table.
I have never had sangria before.
I was moved by this drink.
I was so moved by it that when we retired to the hotel, we decided to go over to Sofrita and experience it again.
This is their winter sangriablueberries, cranberries, grapes and an orange slice.
We split the chocolate cinnamon bread pudding – rich, luxurious and steaming hot, and then floated across the show grounds back to the warmth of our hotel.
And here I sit. So happy, so blessed, so uncomfortably full.


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