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Jinky’s Kanan Cafe!

     I had lots of errands to run today in order to prepare for a special video recipe coming up.

Dun dun dunnnnnn!
     My director and I swung by The Olive Vineyard around noon to pick up some special, super secret ingredients (what could I possibly be getting at an olive oil store? Who knows!) and I felt the rumblings of hunger in the pit of my stomach. After a glowing recommendation from the olive oil girl, we headed over to Jinky’s Kanan Cafe in Agoura Hills.
 This is a small chain with restaurants in Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Santa Monica and now Agoura Hills.
They’re known for their ridonkulous varieties of chili.
Ridonkulous = ridiculous squared.
So. Much. Chili.
We got a sampler of four cups of chili: Himalayan beef, Hickory Turkey…
…Spicy Mango Chicken and Wild, Wild West.
The overall favorite was the Wild, Wild West chili – the only one that had beans. All the others were just crumbly meats in sauces, and not substantial enough to satisfy.
I ordered the Sedona chicken sandwich – grilled chicken, green chilies, red onion and melted cheddar on a fluffy bun.
I got a preview of their breakfast menu.
I’ve been known to dream about bacon. I really hope I don’t start dreaming about their pancakes.


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