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A Very Hoppy Day!

     What a beautiful day, eh?

Yeah, beautiful 🙂
     I had an amazing day today! I got an incredible opportunity this morning that involves art, road trips and exciting new things for my blog! I can’t share anything quite yet, but hopefully I’ll be able to explain it all after next Wednesday! Stay tuned 🙂
Autumn Season Update
     I’ve now tasted:
Blue Moon’s Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale – tastes like Fat Tire by New Belgium – nothing exciting or pumpkin-y.
Buffalo Bill’s Pumpkin Ale – No good. Good amounts of spices, but too watery to be good, which is funny because I used to love this one before tasting some of the better beers out there!
Dogfish Head Punkin Ale – Lovely! Nice and hoppy. I didn’t really get that much taste of the spices, but I think the hoppiness may have overwhelmed that a little – still delish!
     Up next (probably on Saturday) is Shipyard Signature Smashed Pumpkin. I’ve never heard of this one, but boy am I looking forward to it!
Any nationally distributed pumpkin ales you’d recommend?


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