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Thanksgiving in October!

     I’ve been feeling pretty under the weather lately: I’m sure none of this is attributed to diving into the ocean at 2am on the polluted shores of California. It’s just coincidence.

     In order to take care of myself and try to heal, I had to bring in the full forces. I loaded up on Throat Coat tea, Emergen-C, Green Monstas and Pumpkin Ale. (Pumpkin Ale is helpful to sore throats, isn’t it?)

I tried Shipyard’s Smashed Pumpkin on Monday night. This beer is slightly hoppy and has a fruity sweetness to it. It was a little TOO sweet for me, but had lots of pumpkin spices added and gave off a clove/nutmeg scent.
I tried this one last night – Kennebunkport Pumpkin Ale. I found it at Trader Joe’s and bought a single, and MAN am I glad that’s all I got! It tasted like really cheap Bud Light (I’ve never actually had Bud Light so I’m just guessing here…) with a handful of rancid pumpkin seeds thrown in.
Luckily I’d prepared for such an occasion, and was able to fall back on Stockyard Oatmeal Stout to cleanse my palate of the awful taste of rancid pumpkins. Stockyard is like a refreshing sip of icy mocha and contentment.
     Yesterday I had training for a new job that I’m beginning in November. I’m going to be an artist’s assistant! 
    I was bored and scanning Craigslist one day after grappling with a lot of discontentment in my life and stumbled across an ad. I sent in an e-mail inquiry and she immediately wrote back and asked me to call her. That same day I met with her and had an interview and was offered the job! Basically, I’ll be traveling with her to about thirty art shows a year throughout the western states and helping her set-up, break down, answer client questions, help with sales, experience some amazing road-tripping and discover a bunch of new people and FOODS at art/wine festivals. I’ve been needing an escape recently and after lots of praying, this fell into my lap.
     I spent the training day using a ton of power tools, drilling, putting together displays and benches, lifting incredibly heavy boxes and getting to know the routine. I am going to be so ripped after all the heavy lifting I’ll be doing for this job! I headed home after a few hours of working in the rain (I LOVE RAIN!) and got started on an early Thanksgiving dinner with the roommate.
We cooked a turkey breast, marinated in lemon zest, garlic, herbes de provence, salt and pepper and olive oil, and made mashed potatoes with brown gravy. We were planning on roasting some zucchini and asparagus, but vetoed that idea after the turkey needed an extra hour in the oven to be edible and we were just too ravenous to wait any longer.
     Too early for Thanksgiving foods? NEVER!


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A Very Hoppy Day!

     What a beautiful day, eh?

Yeah, beautiful 🙂
     I had an amazing day today! I got an incredible opportunity this morning that involves art, road trips and exciting new things for my blog! I can’t share anything quite yet, but hopefully I’ll be able to explain it all after next Wednesday! Stay tuned 🙂
Autumn Season Update
     I’ve now tasted:
Blue Moon’s Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale – tastes like Fat Tire by New Belgium – nothing exciting or pumpkin-y.
Buffalo Bill’s Pumpkin Ale – No good. Good amounts of spices, but too watery to be good, which is funny because I used to love this one before tasting some of the better beers out there!
Dogfish Head Punkin Ale – Lovely! Nice and hoppy. I didn’t really get that much taste of the spices, but I think the hoppiness may have overwhelmed that a little – still delish!
     Up next (probably on Saturday) is Shipyard Signature Smashed Pumpkin. I’ve never heard of this one, but boy am I looking forward to it!
Any nationally distributed pumpkin ales you’d recommend?


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