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Summer Filming: Day 3

     I have learned my lesson. No Monsta in the morning means suffering for me. No breakfast at all means evil, crabby, sick feeling. On the way to set this morning I stopped by Starbucks for a grande soy chai and a cup of their steel-cut oatmeal.

YUM! I used half of their brown sugar packet, half of the mixed nuts packet, and most of the mixed dried fruits. My tummy was happy.
     First things first: MAKEUP. The most important thing for me. You can’t help but feel pretty when you’ve been airbrushed to high heaven. Can I get my makeup airbrushed on in real life too, please?
Getting my makeup done makes me feel special.
     Unfortunately, we were so busy today that I didn’t get many pictures. We filmed 3+3/8 pages, which in film world means a LONG, BUSY day. There were slingshots, bikes, tiki torches, peacocks and wasps involved. Lunch came right on time.
Spicy fried chicken, salad, steamed veggies and a small bit of paella.
     After lunch we had some more slingshot work to do, and then changed locations and I had my sobbing scene. I love having some crazy emotional scenes. So much fun! In the end, we were fighting the light. Our last scene of the day was at sunset, and we jammed a lot of shots into a small amount of time. I was sprinting “back to one” to reset the scenes, but we got it all in!
     After we wrapped, I got to go home!!! I get to sleep in my own bed tonight, and I could not be more excited! When I got back, my roommate heated up a big bowl of corn chowder for me (yes, we’re slightly obsessed), and poured me a glass of red wine.
I win!
     I was hoping to sleep in tomorrey before I had to head off for the night shoot, but a last minute audition came in and I’ll be out the door by 9:30am. Sleeping shall be had on set tomorrow night, at the beach. Yeah, filming at the beach will be hard :).
     Okay, yet again I must leave you to pass out and sleep as much as possible before my alarm goes off tomorrow. 
Bon nuit!! 


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