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Hanging with Celebrities!

     The Monstas are back!!!

Or they were yesterday! This baby had 5 cups of spinach, 1/2 a banana, 1/3 a cup of soymilk, 1/2 cup of frozen berries, 1 lemon and a splash of vanilla extract.
I followed up with a green lunch. I had a big Kitchen Sink Salad with 1/2 a bag of mixed baby greens, 1 sauteed zucchini, 1/2 a container of egg white salad, 1/2 a cup of warmed lentils and 1/2 of a red bell pepper.
     Today didn’t start the same. I had a hot boiled egg and had to run out the door to work an early shift. I bailed out after four hours so I could go to an audition in Valley Village, then went to meet up with Dan for lunch.
Hi, Dan!
We went to Miceli’s on Ventura Blvd.
LOVED the Chianti decor!
We split a FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!! Has anyone ever heard of that? I hadn’t, and neither had our waiter, but he had a lot of fun running around the restaurant yelling, “Fire in the hole!!!” and coming up to our table after we were served asking, “how do you like the fire in your holes?”
Very mature.
It was dark in there, hence the blurry pic. A FIRE IN THE HOLE has pepperoni, jalapeno and pineapple. I think I have a new favorite pizza!
     After lunch I met up with Tanya at Starbucks on Ventura Blvd. If you ever want to see the most beautiful, narcissistic people in the world, there’s where you should go! I walked past the three outside tables, all occupied by gorgeous humans reading highlighted scripts, and into the cafe where there were at least a dozen people all working on screenplays on their computers. I totally blended in in my baggy sweatshirt, flip flops and jeans that have washed to shreds. Totally…
     I had a tall soy chai and Tanya (now a vegan and looking AH-MAY-ZING!) had a decaf tea. We spent a while catching up, then headed over to Urban Outfitters to do some shopping and stumbled upon not only one, but TWO ridiculously successful actors.
(who is just as adorable in person)
I recognized them, but I’m not one to let them know! Gotta let those actors have their peace after a long day on set. Sigh, I’m not jealous at all…
     It’s a crazy, small world out there in the big city! As for me, I’m off to another big city – Tempe, Arizona! I’m back on the clock for my artsy job and I’ll be at the Tempe Festival of the Arts from December 3rd through December 5th! If there are any ASU students out there, come visit! I’m right on your main street! As for YOU, prepare yourself for another onslaught of creative pictures of creative arts!
Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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Malibu, Mexican, Malachi!

    I woke up early this morning and headed to the gym! I’m known for going to extremes and overworking myself when I have the opportunity, so I kept that in mind when I walked through the doors this morning. I spent 35 minutes doing cardio on the elliptical because the stair-climber was broken, then did 25 minutes of weight lifting and stretching. I felt good when I got home… until NOW. Now my legs are screaming at me! I LOVE IT!

     I’ve almost used up all the leftover canned pumpkin! I had yet another Halloween Monster (thanks so much for mentioning it on your blog, Lynn!) for breakfast and I’m still not sick of it!

So thick!
     I had an audition in Sherman Oaks today – walk in, slate, profiles, chit-chat, “okay with kissing an onscreen boyfriend?”, “yes”, slate again, walk out. Commercial auditions are quick ‘n easy!
     Afterwards I went over to pick up Malachi and we headed towards Malibu.
It was a tough drive. The scenery was just SO distracting!
This is my ideal weather – I wish it were like this all the time.
     We arrived at a cute lodge tucked into the canyons of Malibu so Malachi could pick up an awesome car that his uncle was generously lending him, then went to lunch at Lily’s Cafe and Pastries for some local Mexican food.
I got the grilled fish tacos – tender fish covered with a white sauce and topped with tomatoes and cilantro, all wrapped up in fresh corn tortillas. They served a searing hot sauce on the side. Heaven!
Malachi’s food was so good it made him want to cry. 
Malachi modeled his ancient bracelets that he wears until they fall off. Here they’re arranged by age from “FREAKING OLD” to “You’ve worn that for HOW long?”
     I needed a little pick-me-up for the drive home up the coast, so I grabbed a tall soy chai from the Bucks. Malachi ordered a manly drink and posed with his manly new car.
Sippin’ a manly vanilla steamer and posing with his manly PT Loser Cruiser.
Stand proud, buddy!
     I have tomorrey off! The day will be stuffed with cooking, reading and Sundance films.



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My Legs Hate Me

     Today I woke up at 5:45am and decided that a trip to go running on the beach was in order. My roommate and I hopped in his car and head up to Goleta, CA – him for kayaking and for me, some intensely therapeutic working out.

     We had to stop and fuel up before we embarked upon our insane day, so Starbucks was in order.

Yes, that is an Egg McMuffin ala the Bucks. I don’t care how many calories are in it. It was GOOD!
     We got to Goleta around 7am and were greeted by a THICK marine layer!
I could not see past 100 feet in front of me. Awesome!
Me realizing that I forgot my sweatshirt. Crap.
     After my roommate launched, I headed up to UCSB, my old college campus, and ran the route I used to run every morning.
Looking down the cliff at Campus Point. I used to surf right there! The ocean has eroded so much of the cliffs that it all looks completely different!
The trails were pretty slippery and it was misting heavily. I was drenched with marine layer two minutes into my run.
     I ran north on DP (Del Playa aka PARTY CENTRAL) and passed lots of beer pong tables, tons of new apartment buildings and a girl on the walk of shame, carrying her stilettos in one hand and wearing a dress that should not be shown in public. After I passed through IV (Isla Vista, the neighborhood where all the UCSB students live), I kept going north for another 45 minutes.
It was WET out!
Really, really wet.
I ran into a dead end by this beautiful little house tucked into the marsh preservation area and didn’t want to run on the road, so I circled around and headed back to campus.
     The UCSB library has eight floors. The UCSB library has a staircase. I totally killed myself sprinting up the eight flights. At the top I was shaky, out of breath and wanted more! I perused a few bookshelves to regain my lung-composure, then headed over to my old dorm, San Miguel (or as we called it at the time, San MiGhetto).
     San MiGhetto also has eight floors. And stairs. I sprinted up those, then wandered the halls and traced all the memories I’d made there. It was a very nostalgic day for me. San MiGhetto also has a little gym that just happened to be unlocked and not in use. Since sprinting up the stairs and running for 2 hours straight wasn’t enough, I went in and did some lat pulldowns and other arm weights. Wonderful, wonderful pain.
     I made my way back down to Sandspit Road, where we’d started, took off my shoes and walked barefoot on the beach enjoying the crashing surf and the chilly air.
It was a beautiful morning.
     Since my roommate and I had both spent three hours exercising nonstop, we decided that a trip to The Taj in Ventura for an indian buffet was in order.
I cleaned my plate and got dessert. I was ravenous!
     After indian, we headed over to the chocolate shop, Trufflehounds, to pick up some more deliciousness, then headed home. I showered off the salty sea air, sand and sweat, then proceeded to pass out in bed for a good hour and a half. I woke up just in time to head to work.
     Work went well, considering it’s retail. I had some Paciugo therapy, sold 240% of my goal and spent over an hour with two really fun customers who made the time go by quickly.
     I have a full shift tomorrey morning again. Getting back into the swing of things. It’s difficult after such a wonderful week on set, but I’m looking forward to some auditions I have next week. They make it much more bearable.
What’s the most intense workout you’ve ever done?


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Summer Filming: Day 3

     I have learned my lesson. No Monsta in the morning means suffering for me. No breakfast at all means evil, crabby, sick feeling. On the way to set this morning I stopped by Starbucks for a grande soy chai and a cup of their steel-cut oatmeal.

YUM! I used half of their brown sugar packet, half of the mixed nuts packet, and most of the mixed dried fruits. My tummy was happy.
     First things first: MAKEUP. The most important thing for me. You can’t help but feel pretty when you’ve been airbrushed to high heaven. Can I get my makeup airbrushed on in real life too, please?
Getting my makeup done makes me feel special.
     Unfortunately, we were so busy today that I didn’t get many pictures. We filmed 3+3/8 pages, which in film world means a LONG, BUSY day. There were slingshots, bikes, tiki torches, peacocks and wasps involved. Lunch came right on time.
Spicy fried chicken, salad, steamed veggies and a small bit of paella.
     After lunch we had some more slingshot work to do, and then changed locations and I had my sobbing scene. I love having some crazy emotional scenes. So much fun! In the end, we were fighting the light. Our last scene of the day was at sunset, and we jammed a lot of shots into a small amount of time. I was sprinting “back to one” to reset the scenes, but we got it all in!
     After we wrapped, I got to go home!!! I get to sleep in my own bed tonight, and I could not be more excited! When I got back, my roommate heated up a big bowl of corn chowder for me (yes, we’re slightly obsessed), and poured me a glass of red wine.
I win!
     I was hoping to sleep in tomorrey before I had to head off for the night shoot, but a last minute audition came in and I’ll be out the door by 9:30am. Sleeping shall be had on set tomorrow night, at the beach. Yeah, filming at the beach will be hard :).
     Okay, yet again I must leave you to pass out and sleep as much as possible before my alarm goes off tomorrow. 
Bon nuit!! 


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Summer Filming: Day 2

     Last night, I ended up heating up a bunch of leftover chicken divan and someone brought back a bottle of Muscato – a really sweet white wine, which we all split. I had half a glass, brushed my teeth, and promptly passed out. Or attempted to. I got a total of about 3.5 hours of sleep last night. This means I’m functioning on 7 or 8 hours of sleep for 48 hours. Yay.

     Call time this morning was 7am, so I swung by Starbucks for a VENTI soy chai latte, and grabbed a granola bar.

My lovely costar Madisen Hill, getting her makeup DID.
     I basically sat around on set with this kid:
and had a 4-hour long listening party. We have incredible taste in music. Seriously. 
Then came lunch.
A section of a chicken and pesto sammich, and a veggie sammich.
Sign made by Chelsea to save Coco’s life. He remains alive as of now.
     After lunch came another 5 hours of waiting, so I decided to check out the park where we were filming: Irvine Regional Park.
I didn’t have to force David into this. At all.
Dahlia and Nancy joined us. Yay for new friends!
Pony rides for people. Miniature pony rides for miniature people.
This gigantic park rents out these little party pavilions, and you can also rent bouncy houses.
David and Nancy under the Camel Toe tree. I’m so sorry I wrote that.
     I finally got to filming at 5:30pm. Today was known to the crew members as “The Lake Scene” and to us actors as, “The Makeout Scene”. There was a romantic kiss atop of a waterfall while the sun set on the lake below. Oh, and the twenty people who gathered to watch the scene made it a lot less painful and awkward :P.
     I did not eat enough today. I’m waiting on the crew to see if we’re going to get some frozen yogurt from Cherry on Top down the street, but they’re all busy working and prepping for tomorrow. Lame. I’m off to attempt to either eat, or pass out and try (hopefully with more success) to sleep so I don’t become a total beeyotch on set tomorrow. You’ve all been warned!


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