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Death by Cheese!

     Our neighbor took a trip to Reno, Nevada, and brought back a gift last night for watching over her house.

Cheese bread. Our neighbor is evil… and so wonderful!
     I seriously ate about 1/3 of the entire loaf, then spent the rest of the night feeling like I was going to hurl. After practicing portion control all week, this was massive overload on my stomach. I woke up this morning with a greasy-cheesy-carbalicious hangover. Blah!
     Breakfast was a cleansing Monsta that made me feel all better, and then I headed to work. Coffee was desperately needed, so I headed to Nordstrom’s E-Bar to get a coffee. They have begun listing calories next to their drinks – my usual latte is 210 calories!!! Instead, I got a small brewed coffee with a little soymilk stirred in, and a Luna bar to tide me over until lunch.
“Nutz Over Chocolate” – not too sweet, with a little salty bite. Perfect for the five hour wait before lunch.
     I changed it up for lunch… well, kinda… I didn’t have sushi, does that count?
6-inch on wheat with turkey, extra spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers, pepper jack cheese, a little mayo and mustard. A lot of the bread was discarded – the loaves are way too thick! Hooray for healthy Subway!
     When I got home, I poured a glass of “red wine” (Seriously, the bottle doesn’t say Zinfandel or Syrah, it just says “red wine”) from Trader Joe’s and had a KSS.
This KSS just had 1/3 of a bag of chopped baby greens, 1/3 of a chopped bell pepper, 1/3 of a container of egg white salad and a little dressing.
     It was a very healthy day! That is until…
Crap. Apparently overdosing on cheese bread last night didn’t kill my appetite for cheese and carbs. I had two slices of ham, caramelized onions and gruyere cheese tart. 
     Ah well, you can’t win them all! I don’t feel overstuffed, if that’s any consolation. Tomorrey is my day off, so I’ll be hanging with my cousin and friend Allie and doing some shopping, some eating of good foods (in controlled portions) and possibly facial-ing! We’re looking for some cheaper places in the area.

     Side note – my friend Heather has started a Green Monster mission! Heather, blog about it so we can cheer you on :)!

How do you spend your days off?


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Surprise Training!

     Hello all! I hope you had an amazing Sunday! I had to work, but it was actually a really good day, overall! It helped to start with this:

This baby had 3 cups of spinach, 3/4 a cup of unsweetened soymilk, 1/3 a cup of frozen cherries, 1/2 a banana and lemon juice!
     I missed my Monsta! I had a full shift at work today, so after a lovely Monsta and cup of coffee, I headed out. When I got inside, I was surprised to find that I had four hours of training today. That would’ve been good to know before I’d arrived, but I can deal! The most important change that the training brought around: TWO LUNCHES!!!
     First lunch was…
Subway! I had a 6-inch on wheat with turkey, roast beef, pepperjack cheese, spinach, cucumber, tomato, green peppers, a little mayo and mustard. And a few chapters of my newest bike book!
     Training was not as painful as I was expecting! It was very interactive and basically involved lots of girls chatting and throwing around ideas. The time didn’t drag, and at the end of it, I got to have my second lunch!
GELATO! I got a small with peanut butter cookies, mint chocolate chip and amaretto chocolate chip. I LOVE TRAINING DAYS!!!
     The rest of work was interesting – we got two counterfeit $100 bills that somehow slipped by unnoticed (if I hadn’t been in training, this wouldn’t have happened :P) : people can be really clever/awful nowadays. Acid-washing bills is common now??? 
     I came home to an awesome dinner that the roommates had made – Indian-spiced chicken tenders and grilled vegetables.
This was delicious! The chicken was pre-marinated from Trader Joe’s and very salty, but no salt was involved in the veggies, so it balanced out.
And a Stockyard! This is a cheaper-priced, better quality beer than New Belgium’s 1554. I’ll be repeating this one, for sure!
     Well, that’s all the pictures I’ve got for you, folks! Nice and easy, eh? I’m currently watching ‘New Moon’ (which I own, as well as Twilight – I saw Twilight in theatres and hated it, and as soon as it came out on DVD, I bought it. I told you I was weird!) while sipping the remains of my beer and trying to plan out a productive day tomorrow. I’ll leave you now with the question of the day:
What do you most look forward to in your week?


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Home Sweet Home

     Doesn’t everyone love waking up at 6am? Today was the last day of watching the LBM, so I had to wake up a bit earlier to fold sheets and straighten up around my foster house. I woke up early on my own (I was going to let myself “sleep in” until 6:30am), so I had plenty of time to enjoy my GM.

I like my Monsta with a little extra Monsta on top.
     Do you remember those cookies I bought last night for my date night? Yeah, I brought those in to work with me, in hopes of getting rid of them and not having any more. That didn’t work out so well. I ended up eating another two, and my coworker Vicky helped me polish off the remaining sprinkles that were stuck in the grooves in the bottom of the box.
     Once we were all hopped up on sugar, Vicky and I decided that we needed some coffee, so we ventured out for an “enorme” cup of java, but got sidetracked by See’s and bought some Tipperary bon-bons and caramels. THEN came the coffee, then came the outcome of our caffeine/sugar binge:
I apologize if you like those Zsu-Zsu pet things. This hamster toy was left a week ago by a little girl, and after letting it roam around the store, we decided that we’d had enough of its squeaking, so we made a spit and paper fire and roasted it. Caffeine/sugar highs make us creative!
     I had a BIG crash. Like, dropping-onto-the-floor-in-a-heap-crash. Subway would fix me up!
I had a 6-inch on wheat (threw away most of the bread) with turkey, roast beef, extra spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers and avocado. If I find something I like, I order it over and over again.
     My final break was spent at Paciugo, my lovely gelato store. They had soy mint today, so I was finally able to get a cup instead of drooling onto the glass over all the milk-based gelato. I also introduced Vicky to Paciugo. She’s pretty mad at me for creating a new addiction :).
     Finally, I got to come HOME! I unpacked, organized, went to the bank to cash my check for watching the LBM, then went to The Habit for burgers with the roommates. I didn’t take a picture – I was much too busy swallowing the fries and burger by the handful. 
     Now it’s time for me to sign off and do a little reading of The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud, and prep for FATHERS’ DAY tomorrey! I’ll be spending the day with my mum and pops eating lots of indian food, drinking lots of good beer, and enjoying a hard-earned day off from work. Lots of father-spoiling will ensue. And yes, many, many pictures too. What are your plans for Fathers’ Day?

Have a blessed weekend!

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Little Blurry Monster!

     I HATE standing still. I hate not being able to move or walk at an extremely fast pace to the beat of my iPod in my ears. I think this job I have is slowly killing me. My legs hurt from doing NOTHING all day! Quite ridiculous :-/.

     Woke up this morning and made a GM for myself and my roommate, and used some frozen blueberries that I found in the freezer. This was the outcome:

Kind of a funky brown color, but it sure tasted good!
     I headed off to the house where I’m staying while I dogsit this little monster.

     Yes, she’s THAT hyper. I can’t get her to sit still unless she’s asleep. It should be an interesting week.

     At work there wasn’t much to do, but many managers around, so I didn’t get to read my book until lunch :(. Sadness. For a snack I had a blurry apple…

     …and a kiwi. WITH the skin on! I’ve never tried it like this before and it wasn’t bad at all! I think my tongue is burned from the acidity and the rough outside, but it was quite edible!
     For the last hour before my lunch break, I made the perfect mental picture of the sub sandwich that I would order. It looked a little like this:

     This was a 6-inch on wheat with turkey, roast beef, LOTS of spinach (I had to ask them to add more), tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, avocado, mustard, and a tiny bit of lowfat mayo. I have no idea why the word “lowfat” came out of my mouth. I never order lowfat – ewww! I went outside and wound up tearing off a lot of the extra bread. There is no reason for the bread to be that thick – it’s just a filler in my opinion. More veggies! I ended up with mustard all over my hands and the table, and ran away before anyone could pin the mess on me!

     I walked by See’s Candies about four times and didn’t stop once! I realized I wasn’t hungry, just bored and in need of something to do. I snacked on a handful of raw almonds – picture omitted because it was just plain boring.

     The last hour crept by until I was bored to tears, and then I booked it to my car and picked up the little blur and went home for a quick dinner.

     I don’t know why every picture is blurry today! This salad had lettuce (duh), roasted zucchini, cucumbers, diced tomatoes, homemade egg white salad (my roommate’s a GENIUS!), and fresh tilapia that was marinated in mustard aioli. The tilapia warmed the salad and I inhaled the entire thing!

     For now I have to head back to the house with the little blurry monster to stay the night. Before I go, I must bid a sad farewell to some friends that have been near and dear to my heart for the past eight years.

     These shoes have been with me from my first job when I was 16, up until today. Looks like I have to go do one of the few things I absolutely HATE to do tomorrow – shoe shop. I HATE SHOPPING! AUGH!!! Not the way I want to spend my day off, but I think the shoe situation is officially dire.
    Now I’m REALLY off to the other house. I’ll have a coconut milk ice cream sandwich and cuddle with the Blurry Monster and fade off into the pages of The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud.
Hope you’re enjoying the end of your weekend! Happy eats 🙂


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