It’s a Small World After All!

     I visited some pretty cool places yesterday!

A really old-fashioned bar…
An old-fashioned kitchen…
They were making HUGE old-fashioned jelly rolls!
Found a cute little Italian restaurant… (semi-old fashioned)
A local magazine rack… (not old-fashioned)
A fancy bakery…
And a little farmhouse!
     The cool thing about all these places? They were just big enough to put my hand into! I visited a miniature store, Larrianne’s Small Wonders, which is basically where they sell dollhouses and doll-sized objects.
Another old bar with Santa in the background, getting wasted.
Breakfast in bed!
These things are so detailed!
Beer and pizza!
Everything is wired and functional!
Fancy drinks!
A big selection of drinks!
Just a sample of the houses they had in the store…
     I spent quite a while in the store, taking massive amounts of pictures (with permission, of course), completely enthralled at how much detail these people put into the miniature artwork. Those magazines on the picture above were as big as my thumbnail, and so elaborate! The artists have much more patience and talent than I can ever hope of having!
Creepy. Amazingly well-done and detailed, but creepy.


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5 Responses to It’s a Small World After All!

  1. the actor's diet

    OH MY GOD i love it. where can i find this magical place?!?

  2. damnthefreshman15

    That place kind of creeps me out…it makes me think of that Are You Afraid of the Dark episode, haha…

  3. Bexter

    @the actor's diet
    I updated the post to include the place, but it's called Larrianne's Small Wonders in Ventura, CA. DEFINITELY an interesting find!!

  4. Bexter

    @damnthefreshman15 I googled that to see which episode you were talking about, haha! Everything in the store was really cool except for the dolls. I didn't see one that wasn't scary-looking!

  5. Well , I love creepy, spooky and Halloween related, so this is ideal for me haha!
    I have actually seen worse “creepy”, this doll is so lifelike even 🙂