I Like Free Stuff!

     But really now, who doesn’t?
Honestly, who can say no to free Excedrin, Advil, Garnier shampoo, Playtex tampons, Good Nites underwear, Borba drink mixes, Depend adult underwear and coconut oil recipe books?
C’mon, it’s FREE!

(These freebies, minus a few coffee samples and Emergen-C packets that I’ve already consumed, have been accumulated over the course of a month.)

I have a full-blown addiction.


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2 Responses to I Like Free Stuff!

  1. Amanda

    LOL the adult underwear and the Good Nites? HA! What are you going to do with those?

  2. Bexter

    @Amanda I think I'll be donating those to a local shelter. I've got more coming in the mail too!