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Paul Newman Was Here!

Two weeks ago, I arrived home to a gigantic box sitting on my doorstep. Naturally I assumed it was for my roommate, since he gets all of his business equipment delivered in the same manner on a daily basis. Then I saw MY NAME!

I opened it in a true foodie manner.
I began pulling out jars of Newman’s Own marinara and bottles of Newman’s Own salad dressing.
Then I realized, “Wait, if Newman’s Own is sending me this, then that means…”
YES!!! (Oh wait, you still don’t understand, do you?)
I received three jars of Newman’s Own marinara, three bottles of Newman’s Own salad dressing, two coupons for Newman’s Own pizza and… A FLIP HD CAM!!!
I wasn’t excited at all.
Pardon the nose stud – it’s not real, I had an audition that day.

I submit a recipe idea for a contest sponsored by Foodbuzz and Newman’s Own, and was lucky enough to be chosen to receive all this amazing free stuff, and FILM the recipe! And so, without further ado, I present to you my video recipe: Macadamia and Coconut Encrusted Mahi Mahi with White Wine and Pineapple-infused Balsamic Reduction featuring Newman’s Own Chardonnay.

Or, since that’s a ridiculously long name, Tropical Fishsticks!



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I Like Free Stuff!

     But really now, who doesn’t?
Honestly, who can say no to free Excedrin, Advil, Garnier shampoo, Playtex tampons, Good Nites underwear, Borba drink mixes, Depend adult underwear and coconut oil recipe books?
C’mon, it’s FREE!

(These freebies, minus a few coffee samples and Emergen-C packets that I’ve already consumed, have been accumulated over the course of a month.)

I have a full-blown addiction.


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