A Day in Ojai!

     Prior to opening an amazing growler of homebrew, I spent the day in Ojai. Ojai is a small town about twenty minutes east of Ventura – and recently the site of filming for the movie Easy A.
P.S. Stanley Tucci is my hero!
Okay, enough sightseeing, let’s get to the important stuff – FOOD!
We scanned the town (basically a block in length) for eateries…
and decided upon Feast Bistro.
This was amazing!!! A light, crispy flatbread with delicate marinara, crispy red onions, tender chicken and a zesty sweet barbecue on top.
I’m thinking soda pop reductions could be in my future…
FRIES! I had to macro the specks of salt.
Afterwards we set out to explore the town – all “block” of it.
Found some amazing Paula Deen products in Rains – the local EVERYTHING store.
Seriously, they have everything here – kitchen accessories to shoes, clothes to dishes, tourist mugs to butt massages.
Afterwards we headed to an artsy furniture store to restore the classy feeling we had prior to Paula’s butt massage.
Intricate wooden clock-art!
Fancy hanging chandelier-painted-light-thingy!
Amazing base of a coffee table. Words cannot describe the awesomeness of this piece.
One of my favorite things in life is driving without a destination, getting completely lost and stumbling across something amazing. We drove for half an hour up and down winding roads, past billions (no exaggeration) of orange trees and beautiful properties.
Then, we arrived at the top of the long, windy road and found ourselves in the middle of a meditation center.
An ACTUAL meditation center!
And I…
I took the path recommended by the rock.
But it was worth it for the view.
Or the views.
I could have stayed there forever, listening to the silence.
Ojai = Peace


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4 Responses to A Day in Ojai!

  1. All Things Yummy

    It's such a cute town. I love Buccalis in Ojai. Best Strawberry Shortcake. yum!

  2. One Healthy Apple

    What a gorgeous view! And Dr Pepper BBQ sauce? Yes please!

  3. Gabriela.

    Wow – food looks delicious and outdoors and view look STUNNING!
    I bet you're having a blast 😉

  4. Kerri

    Wow, what an incredible view!! It reminds me of the Black Forest in Germany (https://www.cuckooforest.com/blogs/cuckoo-forest-blog/clock-lovers-7-things-to-do-in-black-forest)