Waffle Sammiches and ADR!

     Have you ever tried a sandwich where waffles are used as the bread? You have? Oh. 
Well anyway, I never had before today. 
Drool over that for a minute. I’ll post this same picture gratuitously at the end again for emphasis.
I drove down to Orange today for some ADR work on a short film I did last August.
Fancy sound booth!
We had to re-record a few lines that had background noises that were drowning them out: aka AIRPLANES!!!
So much technology!
Co-star David, Vogue-ing for the camera.
After a little over three hours of ADR, the director, producer and I went for lunch at a typical sandwich shop.
Bruxie, a little corner restaurant in Orange.
They have a savory selection and a sweet selection. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, so as loudly as the S’Mores sandwich with rich Belgian chocolate, graham cracker and toasted marshmallow was calling me, I went for the sun-dried tomatoes and goat cheese sandwich with fresh basil, arugula and balsamic reduction.
There are no words.
The waffle that encased this happiness-stuffed filling was light and fluffy with a slight hint of sweetness. With the first bite, you get a tangy yet fresh taste of goat cheese infused with basil, the crisp crunch of arugula, the chewy sweetness of the sun-dried tomatoes and to top it off, a whisper of sweet balsamic reduction that swirls around your taste buds, dancing a happy waltz.
Okay, maybe there are a few words…


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5 Responses to Waffle Sammiches and ADR!

  1. sophia

    I have!!! I think I had bacon and peanut butter and banana. The Elvis Waffle-wich. Hee hee. yours sound uber-delish, too!

  2. WillJogForFood

    WOW! A waffles sandwich restaurant? I'll take one of each!!

  3. the actor's diet

    sandwich insanity!!!

  4. Gabriela.

    I'm in LOVE.

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