Skyping with Sonoma

My dog can’t see herself in the mirror. She ignores the television, and her own reflection. If something’s outside of a glass window, she doesn’t acknowledge it. That’s what makes this so amazing. Prepare for cuteness overload!


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9 Responses to Skyping with Sonoma

  1. dave from downunder

    brilliant- well done …ps( hope the pooch doesnt miss u with all your travels)

  2. michel

    “My dos is better than your dog?”
    I don’t think so, I just happen to have the best dog in the world

    “my dog is also dumber than your dog”
    He has his moments…


    • Post a video of your “better than mine” dog and we’ll talk…

      • Michel

        Fair enough,

        Does he need to be talking against a computer as well or would you like to hear him mimic a dolphin? He does that really well sometimes…
        (when I refuse to let him in, that is)

  3. Aw, that’s too cute.

  4. dave from downunder

    not only Nigeria BUT Bosnia too!!

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