Study Necessities

I have FINISHED a way-too-long research paper! I lost myself at the library for four hours the other day, locked myself in my house yesterday and in my room all day today. I only emerged to eat. Study foods must be quick and easy.
Any form of coffee or tea is more than acceptable: It’s NECESSARY. I could not function without.
This has been a lifesaving dish. Super speedy nachos. I have a few bricks of cheese around the fridge, so when I feel like I have enough energy to do more than just tear chunks of it off with my teeth, I pile some chips, cheese, leftover meatballs and Texas Caviar (that is a recipe, but if you’re super lazy like I am, or never knew that there was such a thing as Texas Caviar until you wandered around Costco making a lunch of all the samples and stumbled across the gigantic tub of this deliciousness) onto a baking pan and bake till melted. Then I eat more cheese.

And caramel squares. And then I take to Twitter to whine about how many caramel squares I’ve consumed and distract myself from studying. Then I eat more cheese.

After studying is done and paper is written, I celebrate in the most fashionable way possible.
Now I retreat to watch more Walking Dead. Well-earned, say I!


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7 Responses to Study Necessities

  1. Coffee, cheese, beer, zombies. Holy mackerel!

  2. Mario

    Congrats on a well-earned celebration. Salut!

  3. good luck studying – i am such a procrastinator!

  4. Dan

    Grats on knocking out the paper!

    Also, The Walking Dead is a great show! I’d post stuff about it, but I don’t know where you’re at and don’t want to spoil it.

  5. dave from downunder

    Zombies- just remember to live in a 2 story house- Zombies cannot climb stairs!!
    (congrats on the study too)

    • I’m fairly certain they could drag themselves up stairs… They seem to have freakishly strong upper bodies according to The Walking Dead…