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Tucson: Part Two!

     We’ve had a busy two days here in Tucson! The 4th Avenue Winter Street Fair received a record number of visitors on Friday! Luckily, I still had enough time to escape the booth and wander around.

This street fair is referred to as the “flea market” by the fine artists who attend. I definitely noticed that the majority of the sales here are random trinkets that have no use.
Three dollar bracelets, anyone?
TONS of clothes!
It always bothers me when I go to a booth that sells clothing and the tag says, “Made in Nepal.” Why can’t these people sew their own clothes and sell them? I want something authentic that I can’t order online from a production factory located overseas!
     After we wrapped for the day, my cousin Stephanie came by to show me the not-so-dirty-and-ghetto part of Tucson. I’ll be honest, didn’t think such a place existed.
I was wrong! Steph took me to a local barbecue place, Daisy Mae’s, nestled in the hills of Tucson.
When you enter, there are dollar bills signed and stapled to the walls. Once a year, Daisy Mae’s donates all these dollars to a charity.
My beautiful cousin and the host promised me that the ribs would rock my world.
My world was ROCKED. These ribs were so tender that when you touched the fork to them, the meat just melted off. I demolished the entire plate and didn’t regret a single forkful!
It was a struggle to lift myself out of the chair after consuming eighteen thousand pounds of ribs, but I eventually rolled myself back out to her car.
Afterwards we headed to the University of Arizona campus to check out the area.
We also visited the A-FRICKIN-MAZING games/lounge area. This place was decked out with pool tables, DDR, ping-pong tables and random video games.
If you didn’t know, I am a billiards FANATIC! I used to play every weekend with my family when I was still wearing overalls, and am still in love with the game!
     Afterwards, Steph drove me back to the hotel where I ended with a nightcap and Skype-d with the family.
I have no complaints about anything in life at this moment.


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Bar-Hopping and Thai Food!

     I am so tired. Last night was a late/early one for me. I went out with my friend Duck-Duck, Julia and Miles to a mini-dive bar around 10:30pm for a few drinks. We got to this dinky little place where everyone knew each other, and they had four beers on tap. FOUR. This was a problem. The beers on tap were as follows: Budweiser, Coors, Haywire and Firestone. Becki was not a happy camper, but after much deliberation, I got a glass of the Haywire Hefeweizen and settled in for a night of pool, friends and mediocre brews.

(There are no pictures because I’m not big on taking a purse with me to bars. I’m low-maintenance like that :-P)

     We got in one game of pool before the tables were taken, and decided that it would be best to move on, so we headed over to JJ Brewsky, where we split a pitcher of Fat Tire (Yay! Memories!), then hiked up to a ridge overlooking the city and sat talking for about an hour. It was a gorgeous night! You could smell the ocean and the spotlight at the airport lit up the marine layer with pink and purple flashes as it circled around. Mediocre beers aside, we all had an incredible time hanging out :).

     Things changed when I got home at 3:30am and realized that I had to be at work in 7 hours. I slept until about 7:45am, then woke up on my own (ugh) and settled down for a huge mug of coffee and breakfast.

We were out of spinach! AAAAAAAH! Instead, I made an omelette with one egg from the farmers’ market, and a few slices of real cheddar cheese.
I then attempted to round it out with half of a fresh peach. Tasted good, but not as good as an icy Monsta would have!
     I headed off for a few hours at work where I got to wear jeans, a rarity, and went out for Paciugo with Vicky. I got a child size with half amaretto chocolate chip and rocky road. Not much else happened…
     When I got home, the roommates and I decided to order some thai food for dinner.
This bowl had a little pad thai, pad kee mao, and some pineapple fried rice made with brown rice. A glass of Mirassou’s Pinot Noir topped it off.
     I devoured my meal, mopped my brow after the ridiculously spicy food, and sat out back admiring the view and the stars – I can see stars from my house: definitely not something you get living in the middle of LA!
     Tomorrey will be a very long day, but an amazing one! I’m headed to LA in the morning to take some new headshots with an up-and-coming photographer (who you LG15 fans just might recognize 😉 ), then meeting up with some wonderful friends for a Labor Day pool party! I have a feeling I’ll be staying out there, so you may have to wait until Tuesday to see the awesome pictures :).
Happy Labor Day! Relax, enjoy the company of your friends, and most importantly: EAT GOOD FOOD AND DRINK GOOD BREWS!

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