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Labor Day!!!

     I hope you had an amazing extended weekend! For Labor Day, I had stuffs to get done! I got up early and headed into LA for a photoshoot with Sean Biggins, a co-star from “lonelygirl15” – an internet show we did a few years back. Ahhhhh! I just linked LG15 and there’s a picture of me looking all young and blonde! Weird!

The photographer, hard at work!
For any actors out there, Sean is having a special on headshots through the end of September! Tell him I referred you and you’ll only pay $150! And believe me, this guy is GOOD! Here are a few samples from what we shot.
For these, I did my own hair and makeup (I brushed my hair in the morning and put on a little tinted lotion. That’s it!), and basically just applied powder in between shots. I’ve found that the times I’ve had my hair and makeup professionally done, I always look overdone and just not like myself, so this time I decided to go au natural!
     After two hours of shooting and 310 (!) pictures, we headed over to Local, a local (teehee) restaurant that only uses local ingredients.
I had to order the Local whole wheat crepe. If it’s named after the restaurant, it’s got to be good!
They also have a fresh salad bar you can order by the pound. Yum!
I got the crepe with the spicy fries. This meal was delicious! The Local crepe had tons of cheddar, fresh spinach, salsa, onion confit, avocado and fake bacon. I’ll admit, if the fake bacon hadn’t come on top of this, I would never in my life have tried it, but it turned out to be pretty good!
     I headed out of Silverlake and over to North Hollywood to meet up with some friends at a Labor Day pool party!
Jenny and Boa, our producer/makeup artist and DP extraordinaire from Summer Campbell!
Malachi aka dolly grip/gourmet-quesadilla-maker!
There was a barbeque going on, but I was stuffed from my late lunch, so I just downed a few cookies and half a glass of red wine.
Note to self: don’t take bottle caps off with your hands if they’re not labeled “twist off”…
Mmmm, sharp-glass contaminated beer.
Only a few things caught on fire on the barbeque.
It turned out all right.
Hey Malachi, let’s trade cameras, kay?
Boa and Malachi had a bit of a splashing fight.
You tell me who won 🙂
     We all headed out around 5:30pm and I headed back home to prep for some auditions I had today. It’s been a busy one, and tonight is pottery! I’ll be getting back one more glazed bowl, then trimming a few mugs I made last time! 
Did you do anything special for Labor Day?


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Summer Filming: Day 1

     Tired. So tired. I went to bed around 11pm last night, and woke up at 5am this morning to get to set. I set up all my Monsta stuff so I could wake, blend and go, but that didn’t happen. Breakfast was a banana and a big mug of coffee on the road.

I arrived to set, which was cloaked in thick fog and wonderfully chilly.
I gulped down another cup of coffee and ate an Oats ‘N Honey bar while getting my makeup DID.
     We shot the master of one of the first scenes as well as a few close-ups which took a few hours, then broke for lunch.
Yay, catering! Thanks Jenny (our amazing producer)!
Check out how artsy this photo is! Oh yeah, I’m that good. I had a spinach and strawberry salad, a small scoop of chicken divan and a big old slice of garlic bread. Then I had another big old slice of garlic bread.
Hi-jinks were had. I took a walk around the park and checked out some of the trails.
We shot at O’Neill Regional Park in Trabuco Canyon. For those of you who don’t know, that’s FAR. I’m down in Orange for the remainder of the weekend.
Lots of gorgeous trails and buildings to see.
The interior of that car was HOT! Our awesome co-star/stunt driver Jordan kept stalling the stick shift. It was pretty epic – but to be fair, he did learn to use a stick over the course of 15 minutes this very morning!
Cookies were had. Multiple cookies.
     Now I’m chilling in my room, realizing that I didn’t have dinner and I’m pretty frikkin’ hungry, but too tired to go out and eat. I think tomorrey I’ll be raiding the craft services table for the first few hours. Now I’m going to go pass out! Call time for tomorrow (yes, we’re shooting on a Sunday :-/) is 7am. I will most definitely be sleeping on set, and taking pictures of co-stars. 
When’s the last time you spent an entire Saturday in a national park?


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